Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Down with veil.

I don't know what was all that hoopla that accompanied the minister personal opinion that veil is regressive,i mean any one thinks that veil is not regressive is sure having a problem.
First,I'd like to be fair and mention that veil in Egypt is due to other more profound problems like poverty and certain areas where girls can't go out without veil because it's dangerous or it's so much Islamic or whatever.
In general Veil in Arab world indicates:Discrimination,Hypocrisy,and that the woman is just a desire that should be covered.
Veil is a major way of discrimination in Arab society especially where there are more than one religion it's a way to differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims which is very rude and doesn't help much in building successful relations between human being.Not only that it's a way of discrimination between (good) Muslims and (potentially bad) Muslim and every one knows what i mean,you can find a veiled girl who has non-veiled friend and everything is fine but the veiled girl believes that she is better than her friend and people would appreciate her more and she has better opportunities for seizing a groom(which is as brainless as she is).Discriminating against people by what they wear is so primitive and rude and it's what the veil serves,believe it or not.
Hypocrisy,which is the main target of veil and every one knows it,we see veiled girls with boys kissing,caressing,drinking beer,and do almost everything but the point is to look good to people and look Islamic and virtuous so as the first dumb ass thinks i am the right wife for him.And if you discuss that with anyone,it's like you got closer to the sanctum sanctorum and you shall burn in hell for discussing god's order that should never be discussed,so as long as my hair is covered i can do anything.This is by far the utmost hypocrisy anyone can witness.
The problem with Arabs that they think that the opposite of veil is nudity,which shows how stupid they are,from all religions in the world that advise women to dress moderately,only Islam and Muslims acts like dickheads when it comes to veil(which shows how the Women in Islam is lucky!!) and if you tell someone this he would say:sure,Islam makes the woman like a diamond that should be covered and hide ,which shows that the woman is only a property and an object of desire that has to be covered,if you want to obey god you can dress moderately and be a good person in life.What about the nuns?the nuns have devoted themselves to their religion,but the veiled women want to put a scarf on their head and go dancing.if anyone says that veil is progressive and a good indicator that people are starting to know their religion is an absolute asshole,respecting a woman for who she is a hallmark of civilization and not a piece of cloth that covers her mind before her hair!!!

To be veiled in the west simply means disintegration and profound stupidity to cover your hair and face in a society that doesn't give a shit about you,from more than 20 religions only Muslims covers their hair and face in west,what logic is that?I think that god differentiated Humans from Animals by giving them brains and making them educable,if you wear the veil in a country that have learned to respect women tens of years ago and don't look at your hair as if it's a porno show that means you need to be expelled out and to live with your stupid fellows,because these societies have achieved all that with their freedom and secularity and if you want to destroy that in the name of your unique religion,you are sure not welcome.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Egypt:the glory years(1)

Heliopolis-Cairo 1931

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Persecute you,persecute me not.

We have been hearing lately about how west hates us and how they hate Islam and the conspiracies they do against it and how hate crimes are increasing etc. so let's take a question to ask ourselves do we like our christian compatriots?and if we don't,do we even treat them as out compatriots?From my experience i know that doesn't happen and racism and discrimination is still there,in a country that used to be cosmopolitan where Muslims,Christians,Jews used to live do you think it's fair that you treat your own compatriots in a shitty way and you want the world to treat you properly?what for?At least the west has the right to,as you want to change their freedom and secular principles with your shitty stuff,but Christians of Egypt are just Egyptians and Christianity has been in the soul of Egypt from the very 1st beginning,and it's so stupid to treat someone differently because of what he believes.What about the west?West hate you not because of what you believe but because of the horrible acts you do and with your refusal of integration into their society and accepting their way of life,but our Christians are Egyptians that we share everything together.So every time you hear about Muslim persecution or a hate crime,remember what you are doing to your own compatriot who had done nothing but believing in something else,and if it's not ok for people to persecute you,don't persecute others.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Salam or else

A phenomenon has been going on in the Egyptian society for a while that i guess everyone has noticed which is replacing the usual greeting by only one standard greeting which is Al salamu Alikum(Peace be upon you)which is sure a nice one if it really means what it says.The Egyptians have ultimately replaced:sa'eda(Hello),masaa' al Kheer(good evening),Sabah al noor(good morning) which are the standard greeting all over the world by their Islamic greeting,Especially with Islamization that goes on widely in Egypt now.Peaceful it looks but it serves a hostile target when you enter some place and you say unusual greeting(eg:good night)that means you either christian or not religious and treatment will be accordingly.The Islamic greeting serves the major function which is marking Muslims from others like other sign(veil,etc.)which is evident even outside Islamic countries.some people would say i am exaggerating.I was with someone once and he told me that he likes to tease the Coptic grocer by going to him and saying Al Salam Alikum,i asked him:why do you do so?He told me because he lives in (our) country and he has to respect our rituals!!!!so you see the peaceful greeting is not primarily for serving peace but to make non-Muslims feel they are not accepted,and it's all a part of the hypocrisy and hatred,i say salam(peace) but what i really mean is teasing and showing the other that i hate him,so i guess it's better to go back to usual greetings we used to and learn some standard morals first.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dare to convert?

Every time someone converts to Islam we hear Muslims howl how it's great that someone finally came to his senses,but what about if someone wants to leave Islam?if any Muslim converts to Christianity we don't see the same thing happens as it's all a matter of personal belief and it would affect either Christianity or Islam.much worse ,what everybody knows that if you covert from Islam you have to be killed according to Shari'a (Islamic law)you will be reasoned for 3 days and if you still not convinced you have to be killed.So,let have some reason here,if i was born Muslim knowing nothing about any other religion and was only brought up upon Muslim faith rituals and then i had some freedom to read about other religions(which is considered a taboo in Islamic countries) and decided to convert,what is the problem with that?why should i be killed for something i didn't choose?wait a second,we are giving you 3 days to ponder?what the hell is that?as if i want to convert i wouldn't have read enough already and took much time to consider it.You shouldn't feel happy if someone converts to Islam you feel should sorry for yourselves that you didn't have such freedom those people have and such strength to read and know about other religions and then to convert.Hundreds of Muslims want to convert or live secret christian lives just because of fear of being killed,let the people choose for themselves and if Islam is so perfect in every way,why wouldn't they choose it,but with such laws of threatening all the time,i doubt it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pakistan:When brutality rules.

Islamic countries are not only doomed by Islam but only by traditions which is way worse than religion.Statics say that every 2 hours a women is raped in Pakistan and every 8 hours a group rape takes place.these numbers are not accurate because of under reporting them as it's a shame and a scandal to the family(a typical traditional thing in Islamic countries)According to Islamic Shari'a(law) for a rape to be confirmed there must be four other men who enjoy the show,oops i mean four men who have witnessed the crime,otherwise it can't be confirmed and the victim only have the shame and the horrible event in her mind for the rest of her life.Pakistan tried to pass a law that entails that DNA examination can be performed and to eradicate that four clowns thing,of course the great Islamic parties objected and said that such law will make Pakistan a sex free country!!!!and they threatened they would march and not allow such law to pass,because DNA is not Islamic thing for sure.I don't know what is the absurd point here?Is it that a woman is being raped every 2 hours in an Islamic country?Or is it a four men shall see the witness so the criminals be punished,i mean you must be kidding right?Pakistan would be a great place for Voyeurism then!!!!I mean how can a woman live there with such animals and with such laws which are called Islamic?We all know Mukhtar Mai, an unmarried daughter from a low-caste family, was not about to go quietly. She fought back in the courts and at first the legal decisions appeared to go her way. Half a dozen men involved in her rape were punished, with two sentenced to death. But since that early success events have begun to take an increasingly sinister and depressing turn. Last Friday, a court in Lahore refused to extend a 90-day detention order and 12 of the 14 accused were ordered to be released. The case has gone into appeal, and now is expected to go to the Supreme Court. I mean what kind of country is that?what kind of religion is that?what kind of people are those.why shall i believe in anything if i am being raped and cant have my rights through god rules as they say.would that make anyone believe in anything??i guess not.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Arab anatomy

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh,really?i thought it was about art!

It's very well known that arts are always used to make people from different cultures to get closer and understand about one another and that's what cinema industry is about and it's known that what politicians failed to do,arts can always manage to do it

Every year and with the Cairo international film festival coming(Cairo what?)The president of the festival announced proudly that Israel wont be participating this year as well(like every year)Because Israel is our enemy and because it's killing and bla bla bla.And though Egypt had normalized relations with Israel long time ago it's still not OK to have their movies on which indicates the eternal Egyptian stupidity Because even if the movie is good and carries a positive points for Arabs it shall be banned which means that those who work on that festival don't understand anything about cinema and art,they are just a bunch of dickheads who want kiss people's asses by preventing their enemy from participating in a festival no one ever heared of!!

Probably people here didn't see the Israeli movie(Kadosh) which is a wonderful movie that shows life of a family in the ultra conservative orthodox Jewish society and how the movie shows the human contradictions.this movie shows that religious zealotry is not good.and though the movie had been praised everywhere,it just can be shown here because it carries the Israeli thing!

But the festival had even done a better thing this year,it banned Denmark from participating and i guess every one knows why so no need for further as we see it hasn't become a matter of cultural exchange and cinema criticism and enjoying a good piece of work,it has become a festival to kiss stupid people asses and art comes at the end,as everything in Egypt art is not a question anymore,more crappy movies and songs as long as it bring money.Well,i can tell you be happy with more banning and we will wait which country will be banned next year so you can feel good about yourselves about a festival no one knows about and that you shove it all up your asses after changing its name to (Cairo international stupidity festival)a festival that you never see elsewhere!!!

A wonder?

It's of no wonder that one of the world wonders would be in such a messy situation in Egypt,so shouldnt we vote for the new 7 wonders of the world while they are at least clean??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top of the world.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fatwa du jour.

Fatwa:No internet for women unless accompanied by a male relative Anyone tries to criticise Islam on the net will be faced by a torrent of insults and curses that shows what the morals of Muslims are.though people who do that are just speaking out of logic and because Islam fanatics don't have brains,logic is the last thing to think about and curses and insults are a better way of dealing as they choose that everyday in their lives.

Every time i go through TV. channels i find a lot of programs dealing with Islam and people asking about their daily life stuff and how it can be more Islamic and i like to watch these shows as it's more comic than anything else on the TV.question are so nice and answers are even nicer!It's also so strange that people are so empty headed that they think of everything in an Islamic point of view and of course these shows are growing everyday as we become more religious everyday.Of course most of the question were sex involved as we are sexually minded people but if we talk about it in a religious show it's sooo OK and we can elaborate and go as far as we can.but if a sexologist or even a doctor tried to go a bit farther he shall be doomed and he is a pervert and bla bla a sheikh is answers hundreds of people about sex which he doesn't know anything about and probably his wife never had an orgasm in her life as most Arab women but he can talk and give advices if everything is Islamic enough.The question were even more odd like(is it ok to have oral sex with my husband?).(can i look to my wife's..........or shall i just fuck).(is it better for lights to be switched on or off?)you may think that i am kidding but try it yourself try any religious program and find out yourself.
I mean do we really need some towlheads to tell us what to do and what not to do?even is very basic simple things?what about my relation with the god what about my real intention?what if i don't have oral sex with my wife but i think about it all the time?does that make life easier??
And the strangest thing that people are still asking about stuff that should have been settled from along time like shall i cover my face or not?(which is never an issue in any other religion)shall i go out alone or with a man?shall i have make up on in Ramadan or not?i mean this is absurd!!!People are getting better everywhere in the world and you still want to live in middle ages with your stupid questions!!Do what you want and let life goes on and think of more important stuff to make a world a better place which having oral sex with your wife has nothing to do with it!!and don't let some ass wipes control your lives because they have just read a bunch of books 1500 years ago which people only read for knowledge and fun!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote for freedom.

Saddam state of mind.


Only in Egypt.

While we see that Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch its first movie without no veiled women Egypt continues to go backwards in everything including the cinema as more (wannabe actresses) wearing the veil but they will continue their great acting career as well.
for many years Egyptian cinema used to be one of the best and actresses were doing all roles as they are supposed to be acting and this is what cinema is all about .now we see actresses only play roles which can cope with their chastity and the holy veil,which never happens anywhere in the world that the role should be modulated according to the actor!!with the rise of what is called(clean cinema)where there's no kissing,nudity,etc more and more actresses are considering veil as long as the society is hypocrite enough to take the movie as it is and to watch movies without sins,i think that acting is acting and if you don't want to perform certain roles because you are so respectable you can just put your chastity belt on and don't let us see your lousy face.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Egyptian censorship:the almighty stupidity.

Though Egypt has been known to have some kind of freedom,especially when it comes to entertainment censorship still kills creativity.and though Egypt is one of the oldest countries to have cinema and to introduce foreign cinema in the middle east,the stupidity and superficiality still control out lives by the name of virtues and traditions.

Every now and then we hear that a film has been banned because of some bullshit,the last movie was(The Da Vinci Code) and not only the movie was banned but also the novel had been confiscated from markets after being there for 2 years!!!

Everyone who read the story knows and had the impression that this is a suspense and thriller novel and nobody thought of it as an Anti-Christian novel till the Egyptian Parliament decided that it is and the movie should not be released and the novel will be confiscated,i saw an interview in the TV with a christian Parliament member talking about the anti-Jesus novel and the guy asked her:Have you read the novel,she hesitated for a while and said:I read a lot of parts from it....and i found that there a star of David symbol in some pages and of course the interviewer said:oh my god!so presence of the the Jewish symbol in a novel makes it somehow anti-Jesus,Apparently this stupid woman hasn't read anything in the novel as they were explaining the origin of the symbol and where it came from and stuff like a lot of symbols in the novel but she saw the star of David as a (KILL JESUS) sign and of course she plays on the Egyptians stupid feelings of hating Jews and everything Jew related,though the main criticism of the story was about Jesus and his marriage,children and stuff,but of course star of David had the upper hand!it was no wonder for me as i know Egyptians always attack,bark and get pissed off without knowing the reason!at the end the movie got more popular in Egypt for sure and it was sold everywhere in the streets and it was available online and almost everyone saw(Muslims and Christians) it and Egypt just extra score for its stupidity.

Another movie came to my mind which was banned too (Bruce Almighty) which was played by Jim Carrey,OK let's agree on something Every Egyptian who know a little bit about American movies knows the Jim is a comedian and his movies are mostly of the comedy genre so we can't really take any movie as a serious one.The movie SURE was banned because it shows god a person(O my god!)i mean come on we can even materialize Prophet Mohamed ,what about god?are you crazy?And what he does?he gives his power to a human?this is completely absurd.For those who saw the movie know it's nice and has a good point that even with god's powers i succumb to the god at the end and it's better to let god lead my the movie has a great point for the stupid religious people but those ass wipes who work on censorship don't know any of that .the only awful thing is how to show god,which means they are assholes,and every time we hear a group of critics and academics and bla bla bla have seen the movies and decided it's not appropriate to show the movie and it'll be banned,which proves that they are only a bunch of cunts!

If we talk about the banned movies the list can go forever and with completely stupid reasons,we do mention here:the matrix,the mummy,the prince of Egypt ,eyes wide shut and a lot more and every time the reasons are the same:to keep the Egyptian family intact,as if it's not messed up already/too much sex,you can use a rating system like the rest of the world assholes/political, historical,Religious reasons.I mean what makes someone decide for me what to watch and not to watch???and this one is sure is stupid as i mentioned above who just ban the movie because he feels like it!!The movie mummy was shown after that on satellite TV and everyone saw it,god just stop being so stupid and let people think and let creativity take place without fear and face your reality which is way worse than a bunch of movies which are made for fun and stop being so stupid and give yourself a chance to think a little before banning!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Get the hell out then.

If the great mufti of Australia doesnt like the land of naked meat he can just go to the wonderful lands of covered women,and they are plenty!!asshole!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006