Monday, November 20, 2006

Salam or else

A phenomenon has been going on in the Egyptian society for a while that i guess everyone has noticed which is replacing the usual greeting by only one standard greeting which is Al salamu Alikum(Peace be upon you)which is sure a nice one if it really means what it says.The Egyptians have ultimately replaced:sa'eda(Hello),masaa' al Kheer(good evening),Sabah al noor(good morning) which are the standard greeting all over the world by their Islamic greeting,Especially with Islamization that goes on widely in Egypt now.Peaceful it looks but it serves a hostile target when you enter some place and you say unusual greeting(eg:good night)that means you either christian or not religious and treatment will be accordingly.The Islamic greeting serves the major function which is marking Muslims from others like other sign(veil,etc.)which is evident even outside Islamic countries.some people would say i am exaggerating.I was with someone once and he told me that he likes to tease the Coptic grocer by going to him and saying Al Salam Alikum,i asked him:why do you do so?He told me because he lives in (our) country and he has to respect our rituals!!!!so you see the peaceful greeting is not primarily for serving peace but to make non-Muslims feel they are not accepted,and it's all a part of the hypocrisy and hatred,i say salam(peace) but what i really mean is teasing and showing the other that i hate him,so i guess it's better to go back to usual greetings we used to and learn some standard morals first.


Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

You are not exaggerating. You are making a remarkably astute observation about a shift in language terminology which illustrates the current movement towards separation of peoples.

Ironic, that it is a greating of 'peace'.

8:48 AM  
Blogger GC said...

I get really pissed off when people greet me with Al Salam Alaykom with a self-righteous air. I respond by saying Saba7 El Kheir.

2:45 AM  

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