Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pakistan:When brutality rules.

Islamic countries are not only doomed by Islam but only by traditions which is way worse than religion.Statics say that every 2 hours a women is raped in Pakistan and every 8 hours a group rape takes place.these numbers are not accurate because of under reporting them as it's a shame and a scandal to the family(a typical traditional thing in Islamic countries)According to Islamic Shari'a(law) for a rape to be confirmed there must be four other men who enjoy the show,oops i mean four men who have witnessed the crime,otherwise it can't be confirmed and the victim only have the shame and the horrible event in her mind for the rest of her life.Pakistan tried to pass a law that entails that DNA examination can be performed and to eradicate that four clowns thing,of course the great Islamic parties objected and said that such law will make Pakistan a sex free country!!!!and they threatened they would march and not allow such law to pass,because DNA is not Islamic thing for sure.I don't know what is the absurd point here?Is it that a woman is being raped every 2 hours in an Islamic country?Or is it a four men shall see the witness so the criminals be punished,i mean you must be kidding right?Pakistan would be a great place for Voyeurism then!!!!I mean how can a woman live there with such animals and with such laws which are called Islamic?We all know Mukhtar Mai, an unmarried daughter from a low-caste family, was not about to go quietly. She fought back in the courts and at first the legal decisions appeared to go her way. Half a dozen men involved in her rape were punished, with two sentenced to death. But since that early success events have begun to take an increasingly sinister and depressing turn. Last Friday, a court in Lahore refused to extend a 90-day detention order and 12 of the 14 accused were ordered to be released. The case has gone into appeal, and now is expected to go to the Supreme Court. I mean what kind of country is that?what kind of religion is that?what kind of people are those.why shall i believe in anything if i am being raped and cant have my rights through god rules as they say.would that make anyone believe in anything??i guess not.


Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

In America rape is difficult to prove and the hardship that the victim faces in court because of the tactics of defense lawyers, who have no real defense end up accusing and blaming the victim, as if SHE were on trial. Especially if you are dealing with a high-profile case involving a sports figure or celebrity as the attacker. Then the victim is facing another wall of silence and blame. This is probably why a lot of rapes are not reported, much less prosecuted.

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