Sunday, November 05, 2006

Egyptian censorship:the almighty stupidity.

Though Egypt has been known to have some kind of freedom,especially when it comes to entertainment censorship still kills creativity.and though Egypt is one of the oldest countries to have cinema and to introduce foreign cinema in the middle east,the stupidity and superficiality still control out lives by the name of virtues and traditions.

Every now and then we hear that a film has been banned because of some bullshit,the last movie was(The Da Vinci Code) and not only the movie was banned but also the novel had been confiscated from markets after being there for 2 years!!!

Everyone who read the story knows and had the impression that this is a suspense and thriller novel and nobody thought of it as an Anti-Christian novel till the Egyptian Parliament decided that it is and the movie should not be released and the novel will be confiscated,i saw an interview in the TV with a christian Parliament member talking about the anti-Jesus novel and the guy asked her:Have you read the novel,she hesitated for a while and said:I read a lot of parts from it....and i found that there a star of David symbol in some pages and of course the interviewer said:oh my god!so presence of the the Jewish symbol in a novel makes it somehow anti-Jesus,Apparently this stupid woman hasn't read anything in the novel as they were explaining the origin of the symbol and where it came from and stuff like a lot of symbols in the novel but she saw the star of David as a (KILL JESUS) sign and of course she plays on the Egyptians stupid feelings of hating Jews and everything Jew related,though the main criticism of the story was about Jesus and his marriage,children and stuff,but of course star of David had the upper hand!it was no wonder for me as i know Egyptians always attack,bark and get pissed off without knowing the reason!at the end the movie got more popular in Egypt for sure and it was sold everywhere in the streets and it was available online and almost everyone saw(Muslims and Christians) it and Egypt just extra score for its stupidity.

Another movie came to my mind which was banned too (Bruce Almighty) which was played by Jim Carrey,OK let's agree on something Every Egyptian who know a little bit about American movies knows the Jim is a comedian and his movies are mostly of the comedy genre so we can't really take any movie as a serious one.The movie SURE was banned because it shows god a person(O my god!)i mean come on we can even materialize Prophet Mohamed ,what about god?are you crazy?And what he does?he gives his power to a human?this is completely absurd.For those who saw the movie know it's nice and has a good point that even with god's powers i succumb to the god at the end and it's better to let god lead my the movie has a great point for the stupid religious people but those ass wipes who work on censorship don't know any of that .the only awful thing is how to show god,which means they are assholes,and every time we hear a group of critics and academics and bla bla bla have seen the movies and decided it's not appropriate to show the movie and it'll be banned,which proves that they are only a bunch of cunts!

If we talk about the banned movies the list can go forever and with completely stupid reasons,we do mention here:the matrix,the mummy,the prince of Egypt ,eyes wide shut and a lot more and every time the reasons are the same:to keep the Egyptian family intact,as if it's not messed up already/too much sex,you can use a rating system like the rest of the world assholes/political, historical,Religious reasons.I mean what makes someone decide for me what to watch and not to watch???and this one is sure is stupid as i mentioned above who just ban the movie because he feels like it!!The movie mummy was shown after that on satellite TV and everyone saw it,god just stop being so stupid and let people think and let creativity take place without fear and face your reality which is way worse than a bunch of movies which are made for fun and stop being so stupid and give yourself a chance to think a little before banning!


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