Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The real tolerance.

Some people take Turkey as an example of moderate Islam being a secular country and almost a European one.i never actually agreed on that,walking through Turkey streets it's no different than any other Islamic country,the reality is Secularism and Islam will never go along,freedom and Islam will never go along either,and for those who think otherwise,here are the latest news where 3 persons were slaughtered in a brutal way only because they were working in a missionary publishing house.For those who doesn't know missionary actions are very restricted in Islamic countries and almost forbidden,not to forgot the Egyptian doctor who were tortured in Saudi Arabia being accused of working for a missionary just because he's christian,the same goes in Egypt where people can only know about Christianity from their,when Muslims have the right to talk about their religion anywhere in the world and spread their crap everywhere they won't let other do it and also kill those who try,it's only their eternal fear that someone might reveal their ugly faces which are revealed already,i just hope that before anyone talk bout Islamic freedom and tolerance think about it,that no Islamic countries let missionaries work freely,when you think it's about tolerance and love and live and let live you better think again.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yes or No?

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Very fantastic indeed!!

Though I've always considered South Park as my favourite show,i didn't like the(specials)episodes so much,especially those which deal with holidays and stuff till i watched last week episode called:Fantastic Easter Special.The episode was great and not only because it was freaking hilarious but some quotes really mean a lot.The episode parodies The Da Vinci Code in a funny way saying that Jesus put a rabbit in charge on earth as st.Peter.When Jesus appeared later in another scene he said :that's why i put a rabbit in charge,Because man can't actually control people.At the end of the episode where the rabbit has become the pope and the 2 priests asked it:Your holiness,what should we tell the world about how to run their lives?and of course it didn't answer and one of them said:It isn't saying anything and the other said:Just as Jesus intended.
We hope one day that religion would stop controlling our lives in such an awful way,we hope that one day that people are the ones to control their own lives,we hope that people understand the religion-any religion-never managed people's lives and will never do.We hope for the day when a human being of flesh and blood would equally treat other human being of flesh and blood just like him apart from all this religion trash that only got us into endless chaos.HAPPY EASTER for everyone .