Sunday, May 13, 2007

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My favorite book is.....

I have noticed something that is almost there in most Arabic or Egyptian blogs,that people write in their personal profiles that their favorite book is the Qur'an.Well,i have nothing against people who want to choose their own favorite books but may i know why?In civilized countries people read books and meet every week or two weeks to discuss the book and see it from all its aspects in what's called a book club,is that possible with the Quran?Can it be criticized or discussed?It can only be explained and by people who did it hundreds of years ago which means it can't even be explained according to our modern times.Some people will say Quran is a great book because it tells us what's wrong and what's right,which is not true,laws have been knows a long before all Abrahamic religions not to forget Hammurabi and his law codes.Others will say that Qur'an tells us about the other prophets and people,which is not true either,we can find more stories in the Bible and the Torah,so actually it's not a very unique book if you ask me,some people will say they like it because of its outstanding language,which is difficult and most of people don't understand it,and how can other people who don't speak Arabic understand such thing?You find people here read Qur'an everywhere,work,buses,driving,in the streets and everywhere as reading more gives you more bonus as they think,but do they actually understand what they are reading?No,because they would have noticed the contradictions in most of verses or verses that's simply non understandable.The last study revealed that the Arab person read less than 5 books a year which means nothing,so no wonder as they don't read anything in the first place,they would definitely choose the only book they have read as their favorite!!