Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dare to convert?

Every time someone converts to Islam we hear Muslims howl how it's great that someone finally came to his senses,but what about if someone wants to leave Islam?if any Muslim converts to Christianity we don't see the same thing happens as it's all a matter of personal belief and it would affect either Christianity or Islam.much worse ,what everybody knows that if you covert from Islam you have to be killed according to Shari'a (Islamic law)you will be reasoned for 3 days and if you still not convinced you have to be killed.So,let have some reason here,if i was born Muslim knowing nothing about any other religion and was only brought up upon Muslim faith rituals and then i had some freedom to read about other religions(which is considered a taboo in Islamic countries) and decided to convert,what is the problem with that?why should i be killed for something i didn't choose?wait a second,we are giving you 3 days to ponder?what the hell is that?as if i want to convert i wouldn't have read enough already and took much time to consider it.You shouldn't feel happy if someone converts to Islam you feel should sorry for yourselves that you didn't have such freedom those people have and such strength to read and know about other religions and then to convert.Hundreds of Muslims want to convert or live secret christian lives just because of fear of being killed,let the people choose for themselves and if Islam is so perfect in every way,why wouldn't they choose it,but with such laws of threatening all the time,i doubt it.


Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

As a Westerner, leaving a religion only to face death is a difficult concept to fully grasp. How does one cease being a Muslim? Would you define it as converting to another religion? Or can it be by simply ceasing to follow Islamic rules and rituals without telling anyone? Or is it denouncing it inside, silently?

From the bloggers like and others I am sensing the tide is changing in some ways and becoming more extreme in others.

9:50 AM  
Blogger علاء السادس عشر said...

حد الردة حدث تاريخى فبعد وفاة الرسول بدأت بعض القبائل فى العودة إلى أديانها القديمة مما هدد بتحلل الدولة الأسلامية الوليدة لذلك كان من الضرورى وقف ذلك ,بمعنى أنه يجب فهم الحدث تاريخياً وليس عاطفياً أما عن فرحة وتهليل بعض أصحاب الديانات عندما يتحول أنسان إل دينهم فهو عدم ثقة بالنفس وأحتياج إلى سند خارجى ليثبت لصاحب الدين أن ما يعتنقه من فكر صحيح وسليم.
فالا الاسلام أو الامسيحية أو البوذية أو أى دين سيذيد أو ينقص بتحول شخص أو ألف أو حتى مليون إلى دين آخر وكل هذا ما هو إلا عواطف بدائية.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

If it is a historical event?why death penalty is still applied in more than 10 contries??When christianity dominated Europe the apostolic law entailed either to choose christianity or to leave,but killing was not an option.In Islam it seems that killing is easier than reasoning.Though it's so simple if i have the cross in my heart and i am Muslim in my ID card,would god takes what's in my heart or my ID card???

5:11 AM  
Blogger Black Kush said...

I will tell you why the Otuho tribe in South Sudan won't become Muslims: they say when you become a Muslim, they cut your penis (ie circumcise, which they hate!!) and if you decide to leave, they cut off your head!

Why join, then! There should be freedom to opt in and out.

11:52 AM  

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