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Friday, February 23, 2007

Remembering Ofra Haza

Ofra haza( November 19, 1957February 23, 2000),one of my favourites,Of Yemenite Jewish ancestry,nspired by a love of her Yemenite-Jewish culture, the appeal of her musical art quickly spread to a wider Middle Eastern audience, somehow bridging the divide between Israel and the Arab countries. As her career progressed, the multi-lingual Haza was able to switch between traditional and more commercial singing styles without jeopardising her credibility. The music, too, cleverly fused elements of Eastern and Western instrumentation, orchestration and dance-beat.This song was filmed in Jordan it was an international song for peace.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sorry,we don't shake.

Reading the news like a month ago,there was this one talking about a Muslim officer who refused to shake hands with her boss,because she is a woman and he's a man and this is against her religious beliefs,That didn't surprise me at all,it happens all the time in Egypt,it kinda amazed me at the beginning because before women used to shake normally even if they were veiled,i don't remember having problems with that with women before here but what would we say about the religious obsession that's going on?According to wikipedia:Generally it is considered inappropriate to reject a handshake.I don't know what was this woman thinking?Was the boss the wolf who was waiting there and dreaming about her hand shake?Here it has been something normal and guys learned never to initiate it with a girl.My opinion that it's nothing related to religion or integrity or any that crap it's all about how the society men are animals and just animals who wait any chance to have a touch of any female. the greeting gesture that is known worldwide have become another sexual taboo in Islamic countries and worse, in Europe where females are not just a walking objects of desires like in our countries but where females are humans and shaking hands only means greeting.In all different cultures and countries there are different types of greeting but with Muslims only it's:i reject your greeting because you are a man who just wants to eat me and i have nothing to do with it as i am only an object of desire.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's day for everyone,may love always be there.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Islamic schools:Love and tolerance.LOL

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Arab attitude.

Thanks for Urban infidel for bringing that up.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blood diamond,a movie or a diamond?!

I never wanted to see this movie,i never liked the trailer,i never liked this genre of movies,but this movie was the only choice in the cinemas complex that day so we just went for it me and my friends,5 minuted after the beginning i was stunned,the movie was so amazing,coming at the end i actually had strange set of different emotions,i never get emotionally involved watching movies but this movie was actually citing facts that happen everyday in Africa,seeing all these killing and how people are murdered for no reason is really so strong,i remembered Somalia,Darfur,and a lot of similar places in Africa.The movie also shows smuggling of diamonds and how poor work hard for it for the sake of big companies and rich people and how does this industry fund rebellion and terror,It's very much a "message" movie, with many scenes showing us how children are doped and brainwashed into being the cannon fodder of Africa's civil wars; and a subplot about how the First World's thirst for diamonds and other natural resources is feeding these conflicts.And the movie is fueled by DiCaprio's intensity and believability. There's not a false syllable in his South African accent, and hardly a moment when he doesn't convey a warped upbringing and poignant love/hate relationship with his home continent. All what i can say that this is a multicarat message movie and i highly recommend it for anyone as he/she will find sure a message that touches his/her soul.