Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in pictures!!

Our hope for the new year!

This video is so touching,i hope for the new year that the world would be a better place with no wars and that the human consider that the other human is someone like him who wants to live.share your hopes for the new year!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sharia:a way of life,or death?

I have to admit that i like watching Islamic TV. shows,foe me they are more entertaining that anything else.Watching one of these shows couple of days ago,there was a man who is a Sheikh or an Islamic scientist or whatever he is was speaking about how Islamic law is the perfect law and how it can make people's lives better and as god is the fairest of all,his laws are the fairest of all as well.

Let's talk about real life for a moment,if any of our kids made a mistake we usually try to teach his first and then we punish him gradually if this mistake is repeated and do on.But it seems that god doesn't act the same way,any Muslim Commits a crime or a mistake the Islamic law or Sharia must be applied at once,it can be ok if that law was a little bit tolerant,but to give someone a deformity for life for stealing is just beyond rational thinking.Instead of investigating why did that man steal in the first place and that it is the responsibility of the leaders and people in power not to make his so poor to commit such a crime.
Every Friday in Saudi Arabia,Sharia is applied after the prayer and people are called to see how Islamic justice takes place.and of course a lot of people gather to see,not to see how Islamic justice is performed but to satisfy their masochism as they are all just a group of sick people who like to see other suffer.Not to mention that most of these people who are punished are mainly Indians and Pakistanis and rarely Saudis.So,imagine this,you are a poor Pakistani guy who came to Saudi Arabia aiming for a better life and you were accused of something you didn't commit and next day you will be beheaded and you are innocent,how would you feel?I don't know exactly how Sharia can make things better?Islamic laws ranges from cutting hands,heads,whipping,stoning and a lot of things that i don't consider fair!Muslims say all the time that nobody is perfect except god.So if you do know it that means that anyone is prone to do mistakes and anyone has to be given a second chance,i want to know where's the fairness of god in all this?don't you know people that religion never managed and will never manage to organize people's lives?Can't you take a lesson from history?Are you such dumb?Do you really think that Islam is better than other religions?I think that Iran,Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are a good example or may i say a very bad example.

Monday, December 25, 2006


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Sunday, December 24, 2006


It happened this year,Christmas,Bairam,and Hanukkah are coming together ,so may all people have a good time and HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOR ALL PEOPLE.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Speaking of numbers.

Egyptians know that religious signs and posters play an important role in Egyptians lives,you can find it all around you,houses,schools,hospitals and everywhere.anyway,i was wandering someday when i found this poster saying(The milliard good Muslims project) and this project is how can be the milliard Muslims good by knowing how to read and revise the Qu'ran.I don't know exactly what does being good have to do with Qu'ran,there are good people everywhere and a lot of them haven't heared of such thing as Qu'ran.
The thing that caught my attention was the milliard thing,Muslims say everywhere that they are a big number and that every day a lot of people convert to Islam and how Islam is growing everyday rapidly etc.What i want to say that we can't really comment on something like this people who convert to Islam have the freedom to do so but Muslims in most Islamic countries can't do so, even if they can as in Egypt where they will be faced by society and family and such stuff,so Muslims are being unfair it's like you are opening a door to let people in but you can't let them out.
The next thing is milliard Muslim is a big number of course who actually weights nothing,let's take a look,Jews who are like 11 Millions around the world are really making a difference,let's take some example,shall we?From 11 million Jews 170 of them have won the Nobel prize through the different years,from the milliard Muslims only 6 did it.Muslims damn Jews all day long everyday by saying somethings like(god burn the Jews)and stuff not knowing that a discovery of a Jew runs in the blood of every Muslim,i am speaking of Jonas Salk of course, who discovered a vaccine for poliomyelitis A lot of Muslims don't know that big names like Albert Einstein and a lot of researchers are Jews who helped to make the world a better what is better a one good for the society or ten who have actually done nothing for the society or maybe even harmful for the society?In America people prefer to have Jews to organize their financials because they are honest and they know how to handle these things,Muslims on the other hand are the most people who adore money and the best to lie and to cheat and to steal and every Egyptian knows this truth better than anyone else.Muslims are milliard and more but that doesn't mean that your religion is the best and sure you are not the best,And before you pray to god,just think about it logically?who actually deserve to be damned?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Explore mine,Never to explore yours.

This picture was published in alarabiya.this picture is taken in Florida,united states of America by a campaign made by The Council on American-Islamic Relations which is also known as CAIR.Now i wonder if in any Islamic country we can put something like this with titles like(discover the life of Jesus) or even a commercial for a Menorah or maybe something like (A better life with Buddha)?If you really want the other people to know about Islam,you should better yourselves and try to learn how to be tolerant toward other faiths and maybe the people will start to consider Islam as a religion,at least give the people to explore other religions and let them choose for themselves.If you do appreciate freedom in America,apply it in your countries,if you dare.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A tribute to Bobby Darin

One of my favourites,died 20 of this month 1973.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nuckin Futs.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Islamic militants in Cairo?!

Yes it is true,and the country had done a right thing maybe for the first time.
Sandmonkey has it all

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A woman and a man.

Watching the season premiere of season 3 of Desperate Housewives ,one of the main characters just had her first orgasm with a friend after her husband death and after having 2 children,which means she was married for maybe 20 years and she never had an orgasm all that time.after seeing that i thought about our Arab women who may spend all their lives without having an orgasm and there's nothing they can do about it.
According to a poll made in France,French women said that Arabs are the worst sex partners ever,because they only care about fulfilling their desires only with no care to their partners and anyone reads this post knows what i am talking about,In Arab countries due to prolonged sex suppression by religion and traditions the guy is usually so horny that he only thinks how to release his tension not considering the importance of the foreplay and not knowing that the female can can multiple orgasms in one session,that's because there's no sex culture and dealing with sex as a taboo and taking answers for Sheikhs so as the sex would be religious,and you can see this in any religion channel,questions like(Can i have oral sex?)-(shall i look to my wife's vagina or better not?) and a lot of stupid questions like this,sex is a physiological thing which is controlled by hormonal and psychological factors,what's that has to do with the fucking religion??What do some freaking Sheiks know about nerve endings stimulation and female sexual cycle???They are just some stupid assholes who learned something from their parents and want to teach it to the next generations which has nothing to do with sexual pleasure.So the female in our countries are subjected to circumcision, and has to kill any desire inside her till she get married and after all that she can't even have an orgasm,we are humans and we all have variations,that's what life is about,sex is about to do what i am comfortable with and what my partner prefers as well,there's no role for religion here,Men here are only good at harassing but to understand what a sexual relationship really is,no,which makes them nothing but animals and viva religion,viva traditions!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What if?

This is what would happen if Islamic law is applied,so if you think that Islamic law will make your life better and (Islam is the solution) as we read everyday,think again and save your head:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vote for removal!!!

Going through the poor Arabic wikipedia,i found an article about people who converted from Islam(i don't use the term apostasy as these people didn't actually choose Islam in the first place!!!) Anyway,i found a big heading before the article saying(This article was suggested from many authors to be removed,so if you think it shall be removed,vote for its removal),Everyone knows that Wikipedia is where anyone can have information without limits,but as the usual Muslim way of hiding truth and their usual(suppressio veri) way of deceiving people they all think that this article have to be removed,so as it won't affect the other good Muslim who believe in their religion.When i was a kid i never though that any one would convert from Islam,how can anyone quit such an awesome religion,such a peaceful religion,bla bla bla,but stories of all people converting to Islam was all over,in books and media,but now i know that a lot of Muslims convert and a lot want to convert and a lot have suspicions and and and,so what is the use of deceiving people like that?You are not living in your stupid restricted world anymore,people will know and people will convert whether you like it or not,and if you have so much faith in your religion,you shouldn't be afraid of a website,people are trying to make their wikipedias better and you just want to remove things because your are animals who want to be led without even thinking a little bet.
Here is the site,i tried to put it directly in Arabic but i guess it has been subjected to vandalistic action so here's the site in English and you can choose Arabic from the column at the left: