Monday, November 06, 2006

Only in Egypt.

While we see that Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch its first movie without no veiled women Egypt continues to go backwards in everything including the cinema as more (wannabe actresses) wearing the veil but they will continue their great acting career as well.
for many years Egyptian cinema used to be one of the best and actresses were doing all roles as they are supposed to be acting and this is what cinema is all about .now we see actresses only play roles which can cope with their chastity and the holy veil,which never happens anywhere in the world that the role should be modulated according to the actor!!with the rise of what is called(clean cinema)where there's no kissing,nudity,etc more and more actresses are considering veil as long as the society is hypocrite enough to take the movie as it is and to watch movies without sins,i think that acting is acting and if you don't want to perform certain roles because you are so respectable you can just put your chastity belt on and don't let us see your lousy face.


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