Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time to laugh.

Monday, January 29, 2007

In Abu Dhabi:

Saudi girls saying goodbye to veil, hope Egyptians will come back to their senses as well.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Women,not to rule.

The Mufti of Egypt issued a fatwa that Islamic Shari'a doesn't allow for women to be president or to rule a country but it can be a judge.for those who don't know women in Egypt were not allowed to be judges for several years because of what the Islamic prophet said:Failure awaits those who make a woman rule them.and after several attempts of reform and trying to glorify the ugly face of Islam they allowed women to be judges.That Mufti is really a great man and focuses in very serious issues.when the ferry drowned and 1000 passenger died we never heared him saying anything,when videos and pictures of Egyptian police torture against innocents were all over and everyone saw them he never uttered a word,Hundreds of economic and social problems facing Egyptian in every aspect of their life and all the Mufti sees that there's a problem with a woman to be a president.I will not mention names of great Egyptians women,i will not mention how Islam gave women all their rights like and all this Muslims shit they say all over,I will not mention great female politicians all over the world and thorough ages even from Pharaonic era, i will not mention all this because every issue needs a separate big post.I will just ask you what did your great MEN do with their power?From the very beginning till now we never saw anything but destruction and humiliation?what is the difference?In America women were judges for years and everything goes fine,your inferior look to the woman is the problem,your religion dealing with woman is the problem,the woman is not the problem and she will never be,the problem is in your mind and in your religion,even in heathen religion,females were sacred,there were god and goddess,your religion put females in the depth of the dirtiest quagmire,some smart asses will say,it's the same in Judaism ,true ,but we don't see a Jew coming up every now and then saying Judaism gave women all their rights and make them better as Muslims do.again i say the problem in not in women,it's simply in your minds.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Islam,my way.

couple of days ago i was watching a TV show that was hosting a sheikh who answers people's questions,the man was a prominent figure in Alazhar which means he knows all about religion and all religion related crap,books and stuff.that man issued a fatwa that nikab(the woman to cover her face)is not mandatory and it;s even a bad custom and if a woman wants to cover her face she'd better stay home,the man was completely against it to wish i was surprised to tell you the truth,Sheikhs are either neutral or in favour with nikab but never against it.Anyway a while after phones and mails starts to come with threats and curses to the poor man with a lot of evidences of how it's mandatory and how much score a woman would get wearing it,which i wasn't surprised as this is the typical Muslim attitude,so no wonder.What i want to know,what do you people want?this man is a man who is responsible for fatwas and you don't like it either.It seems not only Islam has brought enough chaos to the world but to its own people as well.every time i talk with a Muslim he tries to make it as Islam is a moderate religion and whenever i mention a verse or something some other Mulim said he keeps on saying oh no this is extremism this is not how the real Islam is.Muslims are in such a really big chaos,someone would say that this exists in every religion,true,but Muslims only want to apply their chaotic religion in every aspect of life in strange thing like face covering or a woman driving a car,beard or no beard and the the list goes forever ,stuff that don't exist in any religion or culture and it did they are not a matter of discussion in our new modern world.after 1400 years of appearance of Islam,its people still live in chaos and still asking what to do and what not to do,unlike the people of of the other faiths who came to their senses and know the religion is never an answer only Muslims still believe it!!!Whenever you talk to someone about veil he says it exists in Christianity and Judaism,great but who wear it?who apply it?who act like dickhead about it?only Muslims of course.Every Muslim has his own Islam and has his special way regarding it,Muslims will never agree and will never get better,just look around and see if this religion make your lives better or more messy?Muslims are making their best to make Islam look better,but the truth is:its ugly face will always be there.those people who opposed the sheikh were Muslims and don't accept the fatwa of a Sheikh so how things can get any worse?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Once again.

Once again the Sheikh of Australia is saying what he thinks about Australia,representing the eternal Islamic Hypocrisy.I was wondering was your describing Australia or yourself?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cartoons i like.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dr.Wafa'a Sultan again.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Merry eastern Christmas.

Merry Christmas for all our Christians

Friday, January 05, 2007

I put a spell on you!!

When i once asked a kid of the family(13 years old)if he had seen the Harry Potter movie?he told me no when i asked him why?he answered the same answer that i was expecting that Magic is Haram or forbidden in Islam,i was totally expecting the answer,as now there's an Islamic answer to anything in out life.That kid probably doesn't know what magic is or what is its history ,he sure have learnt that from his parents,who probably doesn't know that the country producer of this movie has a horrible history dealing with magic,mentioning the very famous Salem's witchcraft trials ,and not to mention the Christianity horrible trials against a lot of innocent women suspecting them to be witches just if they are having some fits or seen walking alone at night and so many reasons,which had its influence afterwards in fairy tales and most Disney cartoons.It's to be mentioned that magic is not a very famous thing in Islamic culture such as Christianity and the Jewish Kabbalah,because people here are busy with more important stuff such as Hijab and how to live their daily life as most people in Islamic countries are so poor to think about magic.According to wikipedia:Officially, Judaism, Christianity and Islam characterize magic as forbidden witchcraft, and have often prosecuted practitioners of it with varying degrees of severity.I've never known what's the point of banning magic in all religions.Is it a power superior to god's power or what?Does magic exist?i guess it does as long as it;s strictly forbidden.if after all this years of witch haunting and burning people came to their senses and made fun about it,how come Muslims consider a fictional movie for kids a forbidden thing because it deal with magic?I don't know till when will the parent control their kids' minds and don't let them elaborate their thinking or even a fictional work like the other kids of the world?Can a fictional movie affect my faith?and if it does shouldn't i question this aspect or it's just better to forget about the whole thing and don't watch or deal with Haram things?Please people,whatever your faith is,just give yourselves a chance to think or even to know about the things before judging it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holy of holies!

There's something i don't understand,Why non Muslims aren't allowed in Mekka?Is it because they are anti-Islam and infidels and may want to destroy it?In surat al Feel(the elephant) god says that no one can do anything to the Kaaba(the black sacred cube that Muslims turn around)because he is protecting it and all Muslims know the story of the birds with the stones(tarmehom behagarten men segeel) so if god takes full responsibility,why the fear then?Is it because non-Muslims are not clean(nageseen) is it religion what makes someone pure and clean?didn't god create the earth for all humanity?how do you make it a territory for a group of people because of their faith?Where's the sense in that?If anyone knows a LOGICAL answer,go and and say it.
The president of Libya said that it's OK for Christians and Jews to go around the Kaaba if they want to,for the first time i agree with that man on something,because simply if Muslims are able to access any religious place in the world,the others do too.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The one.

Extremely funny.your dream partner is here

Know your friends.

A polish friend of mine is currently having language course in Arabic where he lives in Belgium,as he thinks it's interesting.He told me that their teacher is a Moroccan guy,and while he was talking to them about Arabs he told them that Egyptians are bad and nobody loves them and they are not really considered Arabs because of what the president Sadat had done(referring to the peace treaty with Israel).I don't know from where shall i have to start,first,peace is the target for people who want to live,we wanted peace beause we wanted to live and not because we were in love with Israel.second,if that guy is compassionate with his fellows in Palestine why don't he just go and fight instead of living in Belgium and insulting others and defining good and bad according to him?third:For me,it's a disgrace to be mentioned as an (Arab) as Egyptians are not Arabs,Egyptians think that being Muslims makes them Arabs way or another and that all Muslims are brothers and all the crap.

What i want to clarify here is:Most Arabs think like that guy about Egyptians ,even those in Palestine that Egyptians feel sorry for.A survey had been conducted few months ago and showed that Egyptians consider Saudi Arabia a (friend) ,Israel and America as (enemies),i want to know .Are Egyptians so naïve or just so stupid?Every Egyptian knows the Saudis hate them like shit,No Egyptian is allowed to have his own work in Saudi Arabia,No Egyptian is allowed to get to a Saudi University and Egyptian there are like second class citizen which doesn't happen in America or even Israel!!I just want to know how do you people think?On what basis do you judge whom to love ?and let me ask you again,are you just so naïve or so goddamn stupid?
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2007 - NOT a good year for Islam

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