Saturday, February 16, 2008

Facebook:connect or reject?

I've once read a phrase(though methods of communications are advancing,people are becoming less friendly)i couldn't agree more especially after spending sometime over facebook,i thought it would be nice for people to get to know each other andto get together especially if they do have things in common like writers they like,music they listen to and so on,as i believe that nothing get people together better than didn't take me long to find that i was wrong and to find some groups that are destined to specefic persons and other groups that provoke hate with no apparent reason,i couldn't believe when i found groups such as:let's see how many Muslims are we on facebook,fuck Islam,fuck Christianity,how many Jews are we?and so on.I'm totally against people being held together by religion,as it does not make any sense,what makes Egyptian Muslims connected with Malysian Muslims?They have different history,traditions,language,culture,does believing in something that happen more than 1000 years ago make them somehow related?this is stupid.I don't understand either the point with all these(fuck)groups,what are they trying to do?if you want to criticize go on ,there are discussion board,forums for so,just to hate something for what it is,is not logic,I couldn't help but notice Muslims attacks against any group they found offensive even if it is nice and aims mainly to discuss like:hejab is not mandatory,secular and proud,say no for nekab, proves to me that i wasn't wrong after all and that Muslims don't beleieve in discussion and that every Muslim is a potential terrorist,ifyou are so sure of your religion,why are you so afraid to discuss it,for those who think that i'm exagerrating,one visit to the site and the group i've mentioned and find out yourselves.