Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The real tolerance.

Some people take Turkey as an example of moderate Islam being a secular country and almost a European one.i never actually agreed on that,walking through Turkey streets it's no different than any other Islamic country,the reality is Secularism and Islam will never go along,freedom and Islam will never go along either,and for those who think otherwise,here are the latest news where 3 persons were slaughtered in a brutal way only because they were working in a missionary publishing house.For those who doesn't know missionary actions are very restricted in Islamic countries and almost forbidden,not to forgot the Egyptian doctor who were tortured in Saudi Arabia being accused of working for a missionary just because he's christian,the same goes in Egypt where people can only know about Christianity from their,when Muslims have the right to talk about their religion anywhere in the world and spread their crap everywhere they won't let other do it and also kill those who try,it's only their eternal fear that someone might reveal their ugly faces which are revealed already,i just hope that before anyone talk bout Islamic freedom and tolerance think about it,that no Islamic countries let missionaries work freely,when you think it's about tolerance and love and live and let live you better think again.


Blogger Urban Infidel said...

I've been to Turkey and contrary to what I was told by friends who had been there, it wasn't all that progressive to me. The economy is hopeless and radical elements are gaining traction.

They'll fit right in with the EU.

9:09 AM  
Blogger mahéva said...

I am glad for having come across this exceptional blog.
I like the caricatures as well as the comments.
I agree with you that Turkey doesn't represent an example of tolerance. And even its so called secularism is only political. It is not social or cultural.
However, I think that the situation there is better than it is in any other islamic country.
As for waiting from Moslems to become tolerant, it seems to be a dream never to come true.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Amenhotep®© said...

Welcome back!you don't see the real problem,even if it's secular it's by force and not because people want it to be secular!here for example the government oppose the Islamic current and the result is?you see it everywhere,you live with it everyday,Muslims have fits whenever they hear the word secularism it's not about the country it's about what they want and freedom is the last thing they want and i mean freedom of mind.
Merci pour votre visite et j'éspere il ne sera pas le dernier :)
I completely agree with you and as i said before it's all about people want to be secular or not,not what the government wants,i hope someday would understand that and would understand that's a better choice for a better life

3:37 PM  
Blogger kareem said...

هاى اصدقائى .. تمر وينكي بأزمة هذه الأيام .. ساندوها من فضلكم .. اقرا التفاصيل ف موضوع لن تموت وينكي ..

1:15 AM  
Blogger GayofSun said...

I liked the cartoon sooo much
dear phorah
I missed you really and missed your simle
why you don't visy my blog anymore
enta za3lan meni?

10:46 AM  
Blogger GayofSun said...

إلى جميع الأخوة و الأخوات
زميلتنا المدونة وينكي تعرضت لموقف خطير أدى لحذف مدونتها، و مما تسبب لها باحباط شديد فقررت ترك الكتابة إلى الأبد و اعتبرت نفسها ميتة
و لأننا نحن المدونون كلنا يد واحد و رزمة أقلام مجتمعة، أتمنى أن تشاركونا بهذه الحملة لاقناع وينكي العزول عن موقفها السلبي و لمعرفة ما حصل معها تماما
رابط الحملة وينكي لن تموت من هنا
أرجو من الجميع مساندة الأخت وينكي

10:46 AM  
Blogger smithy said...

Turkey is a ticking Islamic bomb.

Any day anytime the bomb will go off.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Urban Infidel said...

The huge demonstration this week in Turkey against extremism was a very good sign. I am feeling much more hopeful now for them.

I am sad however that Sandmonkey has stopped blogging because of threats to his safety by the government 'eyes and ears'. He had a really good blog. Is it still up? I haven't checked.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous OnlinePharmacy said...

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2:50 AM  
Anonymous george youssef said...

the secular society cannot possibly be turkey ruled by alternating radical and semi-secular is not an exception of the islamic bak as well.moslem magic satanism to which subscribes every moslem.every moslem has a bak=nearly all turks have a bak.minus the christian minority.i was watching the soccer match between al ahli al-masri and that of south africa platinum stars.on the film bak it was said that moslems consider certain stuff to be the proof that they leave.not to mention that all egyptian soccer matches are nothing more than psychic readings and writings of moslem shakha put to realization in this days is the masturbation el estemna of the egyptian very important in the to these false proofs that need an expert in photography and crime investigation.item1 every time the camera is away from the field you find that the players have almost no legs,saying in the bak we are no legs,or shorter legs than usual.for a 190 cm player you have short legs and back when a foul is to be played.or players alternating in their comparative lenghs.item2.difference in the color of the soccer field that could be attributed to bad cameramanship.item3 shouting of a hidden person(s),meaningless slogans or just hysterical sudden cries.moslems say here that means we are giving a proof that we are being stabbed for giving you a film bak.the sound is very near to the microphone and in a country like egypt security will not normally have left that guy like that .item4.the croud in the soccer field suddenly standing or sitting in masses...of course this is ridiculous.we need a solid proof.not for ourselves because we know that moslems have a bak.they are not humans,they are not created.that they enslave christians in egypt.that they eat christians and masturbate them in the bak,which in turn is the paralell realm to the everyday life.mohamed is consequantly little more than a bak lingo,mlu khara,or even kherriaa.moslems and their priest slaves and other privileged christians who receive the deh from the bak and in return deliver their services to moslems must be killed.moslems pit the christians who did not receive the filmbak,against those who had it(over 500,000).trying to discourage el fetna on the bak.they want to discourage those who don't know by saying to them this claim is crazy .ma fysh bak.fuck and beat this christian and claim to be better and authoritative and save the country from another fetna ta e feya.and to those who know are these the christians that you want to help by telling on us.when americans and israelis know they will come to kill us.min elli hayesbiko.well we do not want to be enslaved.we will prevail.we are smarter than

6:07 PM  

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