Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Down with veil.

I don't know what was all that hoopla that accompanied the minister personal opinion that veil is regressive,i mean any one thinks that veil is not regressive is sure having a problem.
First,I'd like to be fair and mention that veil in Egypt is due to other more profound problems like poverty and certain areas where girls can't go out without veil because it's dangerous or it's so much Islamic or whatever.
In general Veil in Arab world indicates:Discrimination,Hypocrisy,and that the woman is just a desire that should be covered.
Veil is a major way of discrimination in Arab society especially where there are more than one religion it's a way to differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims which is very rude and doesn't help much in building successful relations between human being.Not only that it's a way of discrimination between (good) Muslims and (potentially bad) Muslim and every one knows what i mean,you can find a veiled girl who has non-veiled friend and everything is fine but the veiled girl believes that she is better than her friend and people would appreciate her more and she has better opportunities for seizing a groom(which is as brainless as she is).Discriminating against people by what they wear is so primitive and rude and it's what the veil serves,believe it or not.
Hypocrisy,which is the main target of veil and every one knows it,we see veiled girls with boys kissing,caressing,drinking beer,and do almost everything but the point is to look good to people and look Islamic and virtuous so as the first dumb ass thinks i am the right wife for him.And if you discuss that with anyone,it's like you got closer to the sanctum sanctorum and you shall burn in hell for discussing god's order that should never be discussed,so as long as my hair is covered i can do anything.This is by far the utmost hypocrisy anyone can witness.
The problem with Arabs that they think that the opposite of veil is nudity,which shows how stupid they are,from all religions in the world that advise women to dress moderately,only Islam and Muslims acts like dickheads when it comes to veil(which shows how the Women in Islam is lucky!!) and if you tell someone this he would say:sure,Islam makes the woman like a diamond that should be covered and hide ,which shows that the woman is only a property and an object of desire that has to be covered,if you want to obey god you can dress moderately and be a good person in life.What about the nuns?the nuns have devoted themselves to their religion,but the veiled women want to put a scarf on their head and go dancing.if anyone says that veil is progressive and a good indicator that people are starting to know their religion is an absolute asshole,respecting a woman for who she is a hallmark of civilization and not a piece of cloth that covers her mind before her hair!!!

To be veiled in the west simply means disintegration and profound stupidity to cover your hair and face in a society that doesn't give a shit about you,from more than 20 religions only Muslims covers their hair and face in west,what logic is that?I think that god differentiated Humans from Animals by giving them brains and making them educable,if you wear the veil in a country that have learned to respect women tens of years ago and don't look at your hair as if it's a porno show that means you need to be expelled out and to live with your stupid fellows,because these societies have achieved all that with their freedom and secularity and if you want to destroy that in the name of your unique religion,you are sure not welcome.


Blogger maf2ou3a said...

i think u r article touched a string why over dressing why over covering why hide behind something and act superior

8:40 AM  
Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

The Veil. Chador. Hijab. Nikab.

As a 100% born-free American woman covering your head is beyond comprehension. I went to Turkey a few years ago and wore a headcovering when I visited the mosques. Before that I practiced at home. For the first time I wrapped my head, sides of my face and neck in a bathroom towel. I never felt more ridiculous, and I'm sure it was to see me doing this. After a few seconds thoughts began to arise such as the sense of shame it brings to a women's sense of self. How it removes her from being fully present. How she must be inherently dirty to have to be covered this way. It also insults men in my opinion, treating them as beasts who cannot resist temptation and therefore must be kept away from beauty. Even something simple as a woman's ear.

While in Istanbul I was buying some postcards from this nice turkish kid before going into a big mosque. I stopped as usual to wrap my head and the boy said I looked better with my head covered. I'm positive he was being genuine, as that is how he must see beauty. Personally, I thought I looked ugly with my face poking out of this tent. I couldn't wait to take it off. Another observation I had of the hijab while there was the swagger with which this symbol of modesty was worn. Hardly modest when you think of the militancy it now represents.

4:36 PM  
Blogger فانتوماس said...

Very nice post, but how many persons in Egypt think like you, I believe less than 1% , also be ware someone may try to kill you or invite you to the right way as you shall be considered an infidel

6:30 AM  
Blogger فانتوماس said...

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6:30 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

Thanks for your visit Fantomas and welcome.

8:08 AM  
Blogger GayofSun said...

dear Pharaoh
really the picture is speaking!

9:34 AM  

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