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Sharia:a way of life,or death?

I have to admit that i like watching Islamic TV. shows,foe me they are more entertaining that anything else.Watching one of these shows couple of days ago,there was a man who is a Sheikh or an Islamic scientist or whatever he is was speaking about how Islamic law is the perfect law and how it can make people's lives better and as god is the fairest of all,his laws are the fairest of all as well.

Let's talk about real life for a moment,if any of our kids made a mistake we usually try to teach his first and then we punish him gradually if this mistake is repeated and do on.But it seems that god doesn't act the same way,any Muslim Commits a crime or a mistake the Islamic law or Sharia must be applied at once,it can be ok if that law was a little bit tolerant,but to give someone a deformity for life for stealing is just beyond rational thinking.Instead of investigating why did that man steal in the first place and that it is the responsibility of the leaders and people in power not to make his so poor to commit such a crime.
Every Friday in Saudi Arabia,Sharia is applied after the prayer and people are called to see how Islamic justice takes place.and of course a lot of people gather to see,not to see how Islamic justice is performed but to satisfy their masochism as they are all just a group of sick people who like to see other suffer.Not to mention that most of these people who are punished are mainly Indians and Pakistanis and rarely Saudis.So,imagine this,you are a poor Pakistani guy who came to Saudi Arabia aiming for a better life and you were accused of something you didn't commit and next day you will be beheaded and you are innocent,how would you feel?I don't know exactly how Sharia can make things better?Islamic laws ranges from cutting hands,heads,whipping,stoning and a lot of things that i don't consider fair!Muslims say all the time that nobody is perfect except god.So if you do know it that means that anyone is prone to do mistakes and anyone has to be given a second chance,i want to know where's the fairness of god in all this?don't you know people that religion never managed and will never manage to organize people's lives?Can't you take a lesson from history?Are you such dumb?Do you really think that Islam is better than other religions?I think that Iran,Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are a good example or may i say a very bad example.


Blogger Egypeter said...

The laws that govern a country should not be Islamic, Christian, Budhist, Bahai'i or anything in between.

The civillized countries of the world have figured out that THE ONLY way to govern a country is through SECULAR LAWS. The Arab/Muslim world seems to not be interested in being governed by secular laws but rather Islamic law.

As proven time and time again throughout history a religious based government does not work. It cannot work. If Egypt does not come to this realization soom Egypt will start to look more and more like Saudi Arabia. The process has already begun and if major steps aren't taken to reverse this crazy behavior/ideology amongst Egyptians then the country will be doomed in a couple of decades...compared to only a couple of decades ago, Egypt already has transformed into a mini-Saudi Arabia already. How much more will Egypt look like Saudi Arabia in the year 2020?

Egypt is in big trouble if things don't changes drastically...and quick.

Salaam ya Fadfada!

8:34 AM  
Anonymous ALiaa said...

again u mentioned only 3 countries out of many many islamic countries::: if u r non religous plz tell me why u insist on attacking one religion out of several others..... may u see it is so tough & non human to do so... but let me tell u something.... they don't cut hands unless they r soo sure... cutting the hand he stole with lessens percent of stealing alot..

3:46 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

Islamic countries don't apply Islamic law but people want to,and i know it as i am dealing with a lot of people.Why am i attacking religions if i am not religious,because religion affects my life and affects how people deal with each other,here in Egypt for example most people deal with you according to your religion.I don't care what Muslims or Christians do,but Muslims simply don't mind their own business and want to apply their awful law on all people,i am seeing religion everywhere i go,i don't see love,tolerance,and civilization,i only see hate and hypocrisy this is what your Islamic countries are about.I care about human beings and their right to have seconed chance and i see Islamic law brutal and affects a lot of people's lives that's why i am attacking though i am not actually attacking i am posing facts!!!I don't know if you lived in Saudi Arabia or not?but i did and i can tell you they are not (SO) sure as you say,in many cases the sponsor accuse his worker so he wouldn't have to pay to him and of course he can do that easily.i hope that you can take a look at the real life and stop being so dreamy about religions and just give yourself a chance to think for a little.

4:56 AM  
Blogger GayofSun said...

This is Awful!
see dear Pharaoh
Sharia .. any Sharia, even it's for Jews, Christian, Muslem, Hidu or Boddish it's all the same!
you can use it for goodness things and you can use it to kiss people and make holy wars!!
Islamic Sharia is destroyed by muslems it self and by Terrorist and by misunderstanding the true meaning of Jihad
you know dear I'm sick of all sharia of any religion, it's all the same F**King!
kill people , hate gays, gays are in hell , unbeliver they are in hell too, the beliver in hell..
I believe in God, and don't bother my self any more wih Shaik of Preast!
Good day

5:18 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

All people believe in what you are saying and all people have actually gone beyond that.I am talking about Islam because this law is still applied in some countries and there are people who STILL believe it should be applied even here in Egypt.even in countries which is so called Christian or the jewish state,there are no religious laws,It's just absurd what Muslims are doing.if only Muslims believe in the famous saying:LIVE AND LET LIVE,maybe world would be a better place.Good day to you my friend.

5:34 AM  
Blogger MississippiMud said...


What boggles my mind is that Muslims move away from lands with strict sharia law, then come over too the UK, or the USA, and then want Sharia law. It's insanity.

Also a very nice blog.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi pharaoh

a nice post as always
a friend of mine was in saudi arabia lately and he witnessed a decapitating act infront of a mosque in geddah
they poor guy had his head shrinked inside his head and they couldnot force him to spread his neck better so, another guy other than the executer hits the condamened with a knife in his waist to get him to move his head up out of pain and then decapitated him

very painful and very inhumaine i cannot imagine how people would gather to see something like that and donot they think how would they feel if they were like that guy

great post

11:05 AM  
Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

Dismembering, beheading and torturing does this please God?

Blood all day, prayer at night.

They don't drink clean water,
yet yearn to dig a well.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Free Thinker said...

Pharaoh, grusom photos but we need to stare at them very deeply to remember that if we don't mobilize all the progressive forces in Egypt, we might end up having a Talibanized system. I agree with Mississippimud's comment that many Moslems go to what they call "Kafir" countries, then they start asking for Niqab, and Hijab, and other Shaiya aspects! I met such people in the US, and they were even branding the US with all sorts of bad descriptions (on soc.culture.egyptian usenet newsgroup), I was simply telling them, why don't you move to Afganistan or Iran where you can live the full shariya law, and they never responded to this question!!!!

نهضة مصر

7:44 AM  

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