Friday, December 22, 2006

Speaking of numbers.

Egyptians know that religious signs and posters play an important role in Egyptians lives,you can find it all around you,houses,schools,hospitals and everywhere.anyway,i was wandering someday when i found this poster saying(The milliard good Muslims project) and this project is how can be the milliard Muslims good by knowing how to read and revise the Qu'ran.I don't know exactly what does being good have to do with Qu'ran,there are good people everywhere and a lot of them haven't heared of such thing as Qu'ran.
The thing that caught my attention was the milliard thing,Muslims say everywhere that they are a big number and that every day a lot of people convert to Islam and how Islam is growing everyday rapidly etc.What i want to say that we can't really comment on something like this people who convert to Islam have the freedom to do so but Muslims in most Islamic countries can't do so, even if they can as in Egypt where they will be faced by society and family and such stuff,so Muslims are being unfair it's like you are opening a door to let people in but you can't let them out.
The next thing is milliard Muslim is a big number of course who actually weights nothing,let's take a look,Jews who are like 11 Millions around the world are really making a difference,let's take some example,shall we?From 11 million Jews 170 of them have won the Nobel prize through the different years,from the milliard Muslims only 6 did it.Muslims damn Jews all day long everyday by saying somethings like(god burn the Jews)and stuff not knowing that a discovery of a Jew runs in the blood of every Muslim,i am speaking of Jonas Salk of course, who discovered a vaccine for poliomyelitis A lot of Muslims don't know that big names like Albert Einstein and a lot of researchers are Jews who helped to make the world a better what is better a one good for the society or ten who have actually done nothing for the society or maybe even harmful for the society?In America people prefer to have Jews to organize their financials because they are honest and they know how to handle these things,Muslims on the other hand are the most people who adore money and the best to lie and to cheat and to steal and every Egyptian knows this truth better than anyone else.Muslims are milliard and more but that doesn't mean that your religion is the best and sure you are not the best,And before you pray to god,just think about it logically?who actually deserve to be damned?


Blogger maf2ou3a said...

a great post and i actually liked the part when u talked about
how muslims in mulsim countries cannot convert while other non muslims can convert easily u are right we demand freedom of conversion to islam that we donot give to our muslims.

the second part when u talked about the jews part
jews religiously are even worse than muslim when it comes down to alliged faith of God and how they are the right religion
but weither u disagree with them or not no one can deny thier role in humanity

nice post pharoah

9:28 AM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Fadfada - This is my first time posting on your blog. I found your link through Neferteeti's blog.

Just wanted to let you know that I like and respect your blog and your views. You are a shining example (along with many other good Egyptian bloggers) of who EGYPTIANS really are.

If Egyptians can put aside their religious differences and fervor and return to the days of only a few decades ago, we would see a much better Egypt! All Egyptians need to work together (Copts, Muslim, women, Bahai'i), as EQUAL partners, in order to restore Egypt to her former glory and bring Egyptians out of their misery.

I can only hope and pray that more Egyptians will adopt tolerant views. Keep up the good work man and I'll be back to visit.

Happy Holidays!

10:41 AM  
Blogger ALiaa said...

alsalamo Alaykom:
well its my 1st time to hear about that project,,,, i beagan to read and i found u changed the topic suddenly,,,, yes u r right : many poeple around the world beagan to convert to islam since sept. 11
statistics proves it. its not that easy in egypt yes u r right... but let me tell u something... is that bothering u?.. u said its up to them...but i dont feel same from u....
u said:Muslims on the other hand are the most people who adore money and the best to lie and to cheat and to steal and every Egyptian knows this truth better than anyone else>>>
i tell u dont speak like all r that....من أسباب الوقوع في الخطأ التعميم
and i tell u i know excellent muslims from arabic countries l;iving not ma opinion but thier societies opinion,,
thanx for this post:)

8:22 PM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...


Thanks for your comment,we know that religious zealotry is present in all religionsmlet's not forget Christianity in middle ages and the ultra conservative orthodox,But what we really see is that the jews are the most people who integrates in the socities they live including our Egyptian society for example,unlike Muslims who don't want to integrate and who also want to imply their rules in the western socities,not to mention the man who ran away wearing a veil in London few days ago.

Thanks for your visit and i hope it won't be the last one and we all hope the best for our Egypt.


Thanks for your comment,from the begining of my post,it was about numerical difference,but i did comment on the whole poster title,no change of subjects here,Of course you got the information about people converting to Islam after 9-11 from your hypocrite media,but i can tell you that didn't happen,What makes a terrorist action make people consider converting to Islam if i might ask you?my friends there told me-after reading about Islam-that Islam has some horrible verses and things,Do you think knowing the truth about Islam makes people reconsider it?It's enough to see marches with banners like(behead who insult Islam)and (Islamic Holocause is coming) to know how tolerant your religion is.
2nd point:Ever since i came to Egypt i was subjected to all kinds of lies,cheatings,conning and all sort of thing that you don't believe in infidel countries,of course i am not generalising but let me ask you?when do you want to finish some papers and stuff here,don't you pay bribes?even for the slightest thing,you will say it's a poor country and people are poor?and what made it poor?isn't it the stealing through the years?
3rd point:I don't care who convert to what,But if you are giving the othersthe chance to convert to your wonderful religion,you should let the people who want to convert to do it as well,i don't like this double standard way of dealing things.But it's no wonder as hypocrisy rules the Arabic communities.There are good Muslims as good and bad are everywhere,but we alsom have to be fair to others especially for those who work for the good of the whole society.

2:04 AM  
Blogger sara said...

Hello Pharaoh..
Actully Nobody deserves to be damned
Well ,, I really like this post .. but while i was reading it .. i felt that ur way of thinking have a lot of racism .. why u evaluate ppl from thier religion?? do u think that there are any relation between being a Muslum or Jew or even Christian ,,, and being intelligent or genius !!!
No way... So what about the non-religion ppl ?? All of them are absents .. because they don't have a religion to make them intelligents ppl ???
sooo if u want a supplement to ur post .. why didnt u say that the most of the winners of Nobel prize are Men !! not Women ... soo being a woman is very retardet!
or why didnt u say that the white men are more usful for the humanity more than the black ..
i dun think for being a muslum or a woman or even a balck it will less from my genius somthing !!
i am not defend the muslums .. but do u want to know why the Jewish is more orgnizing and palyed a big role in humanity ... Simply because they rasid up in a society which believes in science and knowlage an they tried to improve it ,,because they knew well that is the secrets of the development .. not being Jewish !!!!
but the muslums society till now .. they still discuss circumcision issue ,, the veil is it obligatory or not?? ,,, whos the Infideles" Sunna " or " Shiaa "
plz Excuse them they are really busy of discussing this silly issues ,, which is oraginaly is not related to thier religion!!!

4:50 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

Thanks for your visit.what made me write about that is that i've heared a lot people around say(god burn the jews)the idea of the post was the racism of Muslim against Jews for no reason,let me ask you something,can any Jew live normally in any Arabic community now?Muslims are so happy being Milliard,what's the point?My point wasn't about jews or anyone,it's about that number doesn't mean anything but what i offer to humanity is what point is not to hate someone or damn him because of what he believes,that was obvious from the title of article.
thanks again.

5:18 AM  
Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

Another excellent post, Pharaoh.

It is very necessary in a time when hate is everywhere. Growing up in NYC in the 1960's everything was about equal rights, and loving your brother, not just tolerating him. The concept of 'tolerance' to me means, "We hate you, but okay, we'll let you live. We'll just 'tolerate' you."

I never thought I'd see the rise of anti-semitism in my lifetime. Never. Its reassuring to hear from real people like yourself and many of the visitors to your blog who are against hate.

I will always come here for your fresh and honest ideas.

8:20 AM  
Blogger أحمد مختار عاشور said...

الفرعون الكبير يا عمى احنا قادرين نجدد فى ديننا و لا نحسب اراء سفهائه عليه لأن الاسلام حق لكل مسلم و مش احتكار لاشخاص معينة ....
انا عاجبنى كلامك جدا لو كان طالع من منطوق التجديد و الاصلاح الدينى وليس السخرية ولا الاستهزاء
يا فرعون الناس فى بلدنا مش هتستفاد حاجة من هدم ثوابت فى الدين...قد ما هيفرق دورك فى تنويرهم
ثم كمان انا معترض معاك فى
From 11 million Jews 170 of them have won the Nobel prize through the different years,from the milliard Muslims only 6 did it
ان ده مش مقياس انت عارف كويس ان جائزة نوبل عنصرية ضد الاسلام و الشيوعية....و كاتب سوفيتى ضعيف زى بوريس باسترناك اخد الجايزة على غير وجه حق عشان شتم الشيوعية وعندك سارتر اللى رفض الجايزة عشان انسان محترم...مش عايز حد يفهم انه هياخد الجايزة عشان شتم الشيوعيين
فى الاربع جوايز نوبل اللى حصلنا عليها هتلاقى يا اما الواحد منهم كان مؤيد اسرائيل او على اقل الاحتمالات مش رافض وجودها
محفوظ كان مؤيد كامب ديفيد و السادات خدها على كامب ديفيد و زويل خدها كمواطن امريكى و البرادعى معروف طبعا
بس مش معنى كدة انى هقولك اننا دايما مضطهدين
لا احنا فشلة فعلا بس الاستشهاد بتاعك في المثال ده كان غلط

و للمرة المليون اسألك تحققلى امنيتى و تكتب عربى على الاقل تقدر تنور شريح كبيرة من مجتمعنا و متكونش كتاباتك خاصة للمتنورين اصلا

7:50 PM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

العزيز عاشور:
رغم ذكائك المعهود فأنك لا تستطيع التخلص من نظرية المؤامرة بعيدا عن نوبل أنت متقرش تنكر أن العديد من عظماء العالم كانوا يهودا و العديد من المسلمسن يحتلون مكانا ت مرموقة في العالم .نحن نعيش في عالم أفعال لا أقوال لما نسمع شيوخ المساجد عمالين يتكلوا عن المليار مسلم كل شوبة دي خيبة لأنهم ما عملوش حاجة توازي العدد ده.المسلمون بنظرتهم العنصرية للأخر و اليهود بشكا خاص مقززة و النظرة الدائمة للأخر علي انه كافر و هيخش النار كده كده رغم انجازاته للبشرية تجعلهم مثيرين للشفقة .واحد صاحبي في ألمانيا قالي أن هم مبيتعملوش مع محل أثاث معين علشان أصحابه يهود و نفس الموضوع في مصر.تنفع واحد مسلم أحسن من واحد مسيحي و أنت عارف الكلام ده كويس و أنا سمعته بنفسي.,ليه التعامل بيتم علي أساس الدين فقط؟وحدهم المسلمين بيردوا علي سؤال :هل أنت مسلم؟بردهم: الحمد لله أو ان شاء الله علي أساس ان هم الوحيدين الكويسين اللي هيخشوا الجنة مع بعض.الي الأن مفيش معمل عربي بيحضر مصل شلل الأطفال اللي ناس هنا بتأخده ببلاش و أصلا مكتشفه يهودي يا تري هيبطلوه لو عرفوا كده؟ليه الحكم ميبقاش بالأعمال مش بالأديان.

2:21 AM  

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