Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A woman and a man.

Watching the season premiere of season 3 of Desperate Housewives ,one of the main characters just had her first orgasm with a friend after her husband death and after having 2 children,which means she was married for maybe 20 years and she never had an orgasm all that time.after seeing that i thought about our Arab women who may spend all their lives without having an orgasm and there's nothing they can do about it.
According to a poll made in France,French women said that Arabs are the worst sex partners ever,because they only care about fulfilling their desires only with no care to their partners and anyone reads this post knows what i am talking about,In Arab countries due to prolonged sex suppression by religion and traditions the guy is usually so horny that he only thinks how to release his tension not considering the importance of the foreplay and not knowing that the female can can multiple orgasms in one session,that's because there's no sex culture and dealing with sex as a taboo and taking answers for Sheikhs so as the sex would be religious,and you can see this in any religion channel,questions like(Can i have oral sex?)-(shall i look to my wife's vagina or better not?) and a lot of stupid questions like this,sex is a physiological thing which is controlled by hormonal and psychological factors,what's that has to do with the fucking religion??What do some freaking Sheiks know about nerve endings stimulation and female sexual cycle???They are just some stupid assholes who learned something from their parents and want to teach it to the next generations which has nothing to do with sexual pleasure.So the female in our countries are subjected to circumcision, and has to kill any desire inside her till she get married and after all that she can't even have an orgasm,we are humans and we all have variations,that's what life is about,sex is about to do what i am comfortable with and what my partner prefers as well,there's no role for religion here,Men here are only good at harassing but to understand what a sexual relationship really is,no,which makes them nothing but animals and viva religion,viva traditions!

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Blogger Right Wing said...

I don't think it would matter even if the Muslim men knew about female sexuality. They don't care about womwn so they wouldn't bother to satisfy them even if they knew how.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Love your blog, Pharaoh!

Just common is female circumcision in Muslim countries?

3:06 PM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

Hello,right wing,that was the point of this post is to care about woman as a human in the first place.thanks for your comment.

Hello Eric and thank you.Female circumcision is more common In Africa,It's not an Islamic thing but it's done In Islamic countries to preserve the chastity Not considering they are giving the female a long life deformity for no reason just to prevent the potential risk of disgrace.

3:01 AM  
Blogger maf2ou3a said...

well arab women for sure donot know any thing about orgsam nor foreplay and they she doesnot dare express that to her husband or the famous question of who told u about that will encounter her

4:00 AM  
Blogger الحصان الأسود said...

what the hell are you talking about, this is not fair you through judges on all the Egyptians or the nation like this

i've been married for 7 years, and my wife was getting mutible orgasms in "one session" if you name it, i do care on my wife desires, i do care how to fulfill her's, i do care that it is a mutual sexual relations, both partners has to satisfy each others desires

one more thing i dont agree with you, Egyptians are not Arabs
do not mix Egyptians with arabs please

Historically we were Pheroes, came from one of the old era civilizations, arabs came from "Bado" people lived in tents breed sheep, move them to the green

Georaphically, we are africans, we dont belong to the asian part, while arabs, belong to the Arabia pennesola.

5:38 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

Dear Black horse:
Thanks for visiting,from the very first begining i mentioned a woman in an AMERICAN show didn't have an this is a universal problem some females suffer.I didn't generalize what i am saying There are females who are happy and satisfied and conduct a completely healthy life,but what about those who aren't?Are they allowed to talk about it freely?What if they have some fancies in their mind can they perform it?What i am saying that we are humans who have different desires and different ways to have pleasure,so i wan wondering what if the role of religion in that?as long as i agree with my partner to do whatever we agree on and what makes us both happy,i just want woman to talk about their inner feelings freely without being called names that you know so well.

6:17 AM  
Blogger الحصان الأسود said...

Dear Right Wing,

why do i see all that hate and disrespect in your words to all Muslims?

why you think of Muslim people as this.

well i can tell thats because of what your governments want to convince you, they feed you hate every day with news and media, hate for muslims, for Arabs, your governments tell you lies sir and mam, that would lead you to accept the reality of that you are invading a muslim country and killing women and children everyday in iraq, and support the israilies doings same with worst in palastine.

well let me tell you that i am Egyptian, muslim 35 years old male,

I been to several places in the world, highly educated, living in good class apatrment driving a car, i used to drink several years ago, but i stopped since maybe 7 years now, married and have couple of children, so you can picture what sort of living and social background do i come from, anyways,

i only heard that having a bible in saudia arabia is not allowed and counts a crime, heay people who told you this, well listen in my country we have maybe 9 or 10% of christians, they are living the same we do, i always had christian friends during all my life, in school, colledge and also at work, we go out together eat together respect each others believes,
in the company i work at, the owner, boeard member (share holders) and the CEO are muslims okay, me the sales manager and the operations manager are muslims, mean while the IT manager, after sales, purchasing, accounting and finance, and the vice president are CHRISTIANS
do you realise that the owner and the CEO are muslims and take my word christians are more and in higher positions than muslims in the company

on the political side i guess we have like 3 or 4 ministers in the governement are christians, university prof's, police men, army men, pilots,.....etc etc.
you will find there is a considerable percentage of christians filling these positions,

why you people look at muslims with less respect and less consideration as humans

i have seen many muslims from other countries, here and in other parts of the world, actually i have a center for teaching islam and arabic language to forigners beside my house, i am seeing muslims from Russia, USA, Turkey, .... many other countries they come from all over the world to study in here about it, the respect and get respect they try to merge into the socity and they talk, they mention that they only felt the true feeling of living with them selves in here

they always say that they lved a life with no soul out there, and its totally different to live in here and feel with islam, i dont want to go through what they say about they were totally cheated from thier media and governements and when came here for whatever reasons they saw the true them selves and they go for a majour change in their lifes for it, it worth it and they are happy with that

people please think about it, you dont judge people from whats your governmets and media tells you, dont follow on the jews media, give your self a chance, believe only what you see with your eyes

i do this my self, i been to maybe 7 other countries during my life, besides i met people from many other countries, so i dont judge a whole nation or religion for some idiot acts, as i dont judge the whole human race for Adam and Eve sin.

lets live all of us in peace in this world,

Best Regards,

The Black Horse

2:38 AM  

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