Friday, January 05, 2007

I put a spell on you!!

When i once asked a kid of the family(13 years old)if he had seen the Harry Potter movie?he told me no when i asked him why?he answered the same answer that i was expecting that Magic is Haram or forbidden in Islam,i was totally expecting the answer,as now there's an Islamic answer to anything in out life.That kid probably doesn't know what magic is or what is its history ,he sure have learnt that from his parents,who probably doesn't know that the country producer of this movie has a horrible history dealing with magic,mentioning the very famous Salem's witchcraft trials ,and not to mention the Christianity horrible trials against a lot of innocent women suspecting them to be witches just if they are having some fits or seen walking alone at night and so many reasons,which had its influence afterwards in fairy tales and most Disney cartoons.It's to be mentioned that magic is not a very famous thing in Islamic culture such as Christianity and the Jewish Kabbalah,because people here are busy with more important stuff such as Hijab and how to live their daily life as most people in Islamic countries are so poor to think about magic.According to wikipedia:Officially, Judaism, Christianity and Islam characterize magic as forbidden witchcraft, and have often prosecuted practitioners of it with varying degrees of severity.I've never known what's the point of banning magic in all religions.Is it a power superior to god's power or what?Does magic exist?i guess it does as long as it;s strictly forbidden.if after all this years of witch haunting and burning people came to their senses and made fun about it,how come Muslims consider a fictional movie for kids a forbidden thing because it deal with magic?I don't know till when will the parent control their kids' minds and don't let them elaborate their thinking or even a fictional work like the other kids of the world?Can a fictional movie affect my faith?and if it does shouldn't i question this aspect or it's just better to forget about the whole thing and don't watch or deal with Haram things?Please people,whatever your faith is,just give yourselves a chance to think or even to know about the things before judging it.


Blogger maf2ou3a said...

nice post pharoah

i was watching a program on one tv like two weeks ago, and it was talking about a new christian cult in the US any ways this cult is more interested in young children and teaching them how to be good people

the woman in one of the seminars told childern and made them repeat after her that harry potter is a bad person and if he was in the midvil centruies he would have definitly be decapitated for his witchcraft deeds i rubbed my eyes in disbelief
saying oh my god this is the united states we are talking about how would they allow this woman to spread such harmful seeds among those children talking to them about killing whomever differs with christianity those children are seeds of the next christian world terrorists i guarantee that

1:53 AM  
Blogger Urban_Infidel said...


unfortunately here in the US we have a growing fundamentalism too.

i think the whole world is experiencing an extremist shift in values. i think it is fear-driven.

10:07 AM  
Blogger maf2ou3a said...

i think u are right urban infidel

i think what was wrote in the book about the conflict of cultures was right the world will watch a war between islamic culture and christian culture

no winners in this war we will all lose
if we can just think that we are human in the end we wont go to war instead we will find a way to communicate respecting each others mentality

3:17 AM  

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