Saturday, January 27, 2007

Women,not to rule.

The Mufti of Egypt issued a fatwa that Islamic Shari'a doesn't allow for women to be president or to rule a country but it can be a judge.for those who don't know women in Egypt were not allowed to be judges for several years because of what the Islamic prophet said:Failure awaits those who make a woman rule them.and after several attempts of reform and trying to glorify the ugly face of Islam they allowed women to be judges.That Mufti is really a great man and focuses in very serious issues.when the ferry drowned and 1000 passenger died we never heared him saying anything,when videos and pictures of Egyptian police torture against innocents were all over and everyone saw them he never uttered a word,Hundreds of economic and social problems facing Egyptian in every aspect of their life and all the Mufti sees that there's a problem with a woman to be a president.I will not mention names of great Egyptians women,i will not mention how Islam gave women all their rights like and all this Muslims shit they say all over,I will not mention great female politicians all over the world and thorough ages even from Pharaonic era, i will not mention all this because every issue needs a separate big post.I will just ask you what did your great MEN do with their power?From the very beginning till now we never saw anything but destruction and humiliation?what is the difference?In America women were judges for years and everything goes fine,your inferior look to the woman is the problem,your religion dealing with woman is the problem,the woman is not the problem and she will never be,the problem is in your mind and in your religion,even in heathen religion,females were sacred,there were god and goddess,your religion put females in the depth of the dirtiest quagmire,some smart asses will say,it's the same in Judaism ,true ,but we don't see a Jew coming up every now and then saying Judaism gave women all their rights and make them better as Muslims do.again i say the problem in not in women,it's simply in your minds.


Blogger نكنييف الحنون said...

I agree with you Pharaoh. It's true that Islam and Arab culture play an enormous role in the way parents and schools raise children and forming their mentality to assume social roles including leadership. I think unless Egyptians change their attitudes towards women and drop off their mind that women freedom would mean depriving men of their power, they have no hope of developing into healthy and strong society that can produce mentally balanced leaders.

12:41 AM  
Blogger maf2ou3a said...

a great post as always men s society loook to women in power They just couldnot accept that woman can be an equal to men and can rule and be succesful

8:57 AM  
Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

By the way, this Sheikh clarified himself on TV and allowed the women president thing....check it on MEMRI.

Pharaoh i'm adding you to my blog roll.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Amenhotep®© said...

Thanks for the notification Modern Pharaoh,i have been following this issue.I just hope that people will be convinced with that!

1:22 PM  

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