Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sorry,we don't shake.

Reading the news like a month ago,there was this one talking about a Muslim officer who refused to shake hands with her boss,because she is a woman and he's a man and this is against her religious beliefs,That didn't surprise me at all,it happens all the time in Egypt,it kinda amazed me at the beginning because before women used to shake normally even if they were veiled,i don't remember having problems with that with women before here but what would we say about the religious obsession that's going on?According to wikipedia:Generally it is considered inappropriate to reject a handshake.I don't know what was this woman thinking?Was the boss the wolf who was waiting there and dreaming about her hand shake?Here it has been something normal and guys learned never to initiate it with a girl.My opinion that it's nothing related to religion or integrity or any that crap it's all about how the society men are animals and just animals who wait any chance to have a touch of any female. the greeting gesture that is known worldwide have become another sexual taboo in Islamic countries and worse, in Europe where females are not just a walking objects of desires like in our countries but where females are humans and shaking hands only means greeting.In all different cultures and countries there are different types of greeting but with Muslims only it's:i reject your greeting because you are a man who just wants to eat me and i have nothing to do with it as i am only an object of desire.


Blogger فانتوماس said...

It is all about appearance and nobody cares about the inside, nevertheless you shall find people acting in a very strange manner just to pretend to be saints, Muslim women sometimes refuse to be alone in a lift with a male neighbor though he is offended by her smell. I don't know when shall we act as civilized people.

10:53 PM  
Blogger spellz said...

For the first time I tottaly agree on wat u r saying

I personally have no problem in shaking hands with guys but I noticed recently that most of them are afraide to initiate the greetings, even christian guys are afriade to do it!

I remember when this fashion was firstly invinted and some of my male frnds began to say "enti betsalemi?"
that was hillarious but that kind of "ham yeda7ak"

Lol I even began to feel embarassed coz everytime I have to give my hand to any guy to shake
7assa eni ha7ot yafta ba3d kda
"hey it's ok to shake my hands!!"

Anyways, I wanna put the link of
"Stop FGM in my Blog" but I cant
can u help me?

1:42 AM  
Blogger Amenhotep®© said...

Thanks for your visit,i agree on what you said a lot of my friends have been telling me about that lifr thing,it's very common up well now that you reminded me of it.I don't know who is to blame?the males who are just wolves even the good ones or the females who just give up so easily?

Welcome back i hope your exams went very well,maybe you didn't notice but most of my post are based on real life events i am not doing a conpiracy or hate just to hate anyway welcom again.I tried to explain things here and put the code you asked for but HTML codes are not allowed so can you write to me,my mail is here and i will send you all the steps you need to do to have that banner.greetings

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Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

Yes, very rediculous if you ask me! When i went to Egypt after 13 years of not being there...i got to my family freinds house, and this Girl and i had grown up together since we were babies and we were always together till i was 14 and left Egypt....So i get to the house, she opens the door, i grab her, hug her, kiss her...and she was pregnant so i'm rubbing her belly..and her husband is standing there..finally her aunt is like EEH YA TAREK , KIFAYA But hey at least the hand shaking wasn't a big deal, but for the month i was there, she would only shake my hand, and i gave her such a hard time about not hugging me!

12:18 PM  
Blogger شباب روش طحن said...

بالنسبة لموضوع المصافحة أقول إذا كنت مؤمن بوجود الله ومؤمن أن القرأن هو وحي من الله والسنة النبوية وحياة النبي كانت وحي من الله لنبيه محمد فكان كل كلامه وحي من الله وليس عن تفكيره أو هواه فأنت يجب أن تؤمن بكل ما قاله الله ورسوله وهكذا هي الفكرة في كل تعاليم الإسلام مومن ومسلم أمرك لله فأفعل وإلا فأنت بلست مؤمن أساسا قال تعالي طمن شاء فليؤمن ومن شاء فليكفر" لك الحرية في أنت تفعل ما تشاء تنفس هواء الحرية يا أخي

2:29 PM  
Blogger Arabs in Space said...

Dear Amenhotep,

I totally agree with your argument, I find it so offending for both females and males. It offends the women in general by describing them as sex tools, and men as sex beasts.

Shaking hands, is a social humanitarian communication activity, it is what makes us special as developed social creatures, if we delete it from the our development dictionary , what we will be?.

When I was reading your article, I was exaggerating inside my mind how the world would looks like without these innocent social activities… Imagining the people moving around either like robots (which is programmed to avoid each other).. or just like a bunch of beasts moving around naked and running away from each other (which is so close to reality).

Thanks for the topic Amenhotep, it is a simple example of what’s going on around, but it is absolutely essential.


Yours Truly,

11:38 AM  
Blogger MechanicalCrowds said...

Stupid as it may be, she has the right not to shake hands with her boss. It's up to them if they want to live like that.

3:06 AM  
Blogger Urban_Infidel said...

Hey Pharaoh,
You changed your blog. It looks good, not that it didn't look good before!

Things like this only keep people in the dark. Open up, it won't kill you! Shake hands, hug, smile, show your face. Its life, not death we are living here.

I had an interesting experience taking photos at a Stand by Israel rally at the UN last year. I was wandering around taking pics as free as a bird, when I walked into an orthodox Jewish 'men only' zone. I was politely shown my error, that it was 'men only' so I said sorry and scooted out of there. I didn't want to embarass them or make them uncomfortable. It was a suprise in a way but something I knew about but don't come across in my day-to-day life as a secular person. Segregation does exist in other religions in different forms, but not in Christianity I'm pretty sure.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Voies Autres said...

Everyone in arabic and muslim societies and even in foreign countries where confessional minorities have wide rights should have lived such a funny situation when pathological behavior is a signal of a psychological and mental disorder. Men and women of a certain age begin to take a negative relationship with their own body that become particularly untrustworthy. The problem here depends on the kind of cultural education these people are living by.

4:42 PM  

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