Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jews:Give the world a break!

Probably everyone knows what the Holocaust is and everyone feels bad about it,And we sure can't mention the holocaust without mentioning the Jews and their suffering and how 6 millions of them have died over there(according to them) which god had rewarded them by giving them Israel and till now Germany still pays compensations for the horrible acts they have committed against Jews.So was it a question of discrimination?killing?torturing?or what?why do only the Jews have to be compensated for the holocaust?Jews weren't the only people who suffered there.there were also Russians, Gypsies,handicapped,mentally retarded,homosexuals who all suffered during this period.

And even if the Jews had suffered from 1939 till 1945 ,what about the African American who was the victims of slavery for 400 years?!And millions of them was dying and tortured and were treated worst than animals?They are better now and they are equal ,that's fine.but Jews are equal and better now worldwide so why does a country have to pay for a mistake of a lunatic person?who would pay for millions of black people who were tortured for millions of years?what about Christians during the Roman empire?What about Muslims in Serbia?what about others in the holocaust?

Blacks were tortured for something they didn't even choose but Jews have chosen the Jewish faith.so which is a worse situation?I mean the situation always makes me wonder,why only the Jews are being rewarded for their suffering?they would say the ghetto?what about blacks who had their places and there were places that they couldn't access because of their color for hundred of years and everyone knows the famous banner(No Blacks,No Dogs).

Everyone remembers Kristallnacht but no one remembers Bloody Sunday which was led by Martin Luther King where a lot of black children were killed by the riot forces and their dogs,Everyone cries hearing the story of Anne Frank but nobody know that black Rosa was the one who initiated the black outrage when she refused to give up her seat in the bus to a white person.
What i want to know ,is that there are a lot of suffering and struggling in the world ,so why only the suffering of the Jews is the highlighted one? and why the world have to pay and feel sorry for only a group of people without the others?


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