Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Arabs:any worse?

It's so nice to find a a country that applies the Islamic law like Saudi Arabia,as you know there's a great deal of non Saudis who work there for the seek of money and better life and a great deal of Egyptians as well,But do you know that non Saudis gain less money than Saudis irrespective of their degree or occupation(unless if westerns as we Arabs all see anything that have blond hair is better)No other Arab can get into any Saudi university and no other Arab can get his own business unless he has a Saudi sponsor,it's terrific that Saudi Arabia though applying Shari'a it doesn't allow other(Muslims) to own anything even if you have money which is completely absurd,we complain all the time of Western countries who persecute Muslims and fight Islam and stuff but we never heared of a law that prevents them from owning business or have an equal education!!We pray all the time that the Jews and America be doomed and we make fun of the Jews because of their saying that they they are(god's chosen people),but what does Saudis do indicate?it indicates that they are absolutely god's chosen people and they cant let anyone(even if Muslim)to be like them,so although Saudi Arabia applies Islamic law but it had obviously skipped the part that all Muslims are equal,but it doesn't skip the part of cutting hands and heads,it's ok to treat another Muslim differently but it's ok to give someone a deformity for life for a mistake he had committed though(all sons of Adam commit mistakes)according to prophet, but in Saudi Islamic law is only to fulfil their masochism and sadism but to give your Muslim brother the same right as you,this is just not a matter for discussion!


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