Friday, October 20, 2006

Who is who??!

During the 2nd world war,the Nazis used the Grimm's masterpiece-The little red riding hood-As a propaganda against the jews as a way to increase people antipathy against the jews by saying that Germany is like the little poor riding hood and jews are the evil wolf who wants to eat it all up by decieving them,Years after that and after the war is over the jews started to say that they were the little red hood girl who wanted to live and the nazis were the wold who wanted to kill them all .
Does this story ring any bells?I don't know why it did to me,it's the same thing which happens now between the christians and Muslims of Egypt,Muslims say Christians want them all dead so they can get back their country back-according to them-And Christians say that muslims want to kill them one by one so it'd be the Ideal islamic county with no other blasphemous religion.
Everyone hates the other because he thins that the other hates him and because of what?because of an intimate thing that has nothing to do with anything,Christians say that Muslims abduct them and stuff,Muslims say that christians defame and insult Islam everywhere.Why can't we be civilized ,this is not a forest,nor a fairy tale where the little red girl walks afraid that the wolf might show up,this is supposed to be a civilized world where we are all humans,of flesh and blood And we'r all Egyptians after all and above everything we'r HUMANS,Why cant we try to-not to love-but to have neutral feelings to others and not have the assuption that i should hate this one because he absolutely hates me.Muslims treat tourists well even if they are athiests or jews and christians are willing to go to muslims countries if they will get paid more,we cant we be good to each other in our own country and to think of each other as compatriots and not anthor wolf and anthor little red ridden hood girl?!


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