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Know your friends.

A polish friend of mine is currently having language course in Arabic where he lives in Belgium,as he thinks it's interesting.He told me that their teacher is a Moroccan guy,and while he was talking to them about Arabs he told them that Egyptians are bad and nobody loves them and they are not really considered Arabs because of what the president Sadat had done(referring to the peace treaty with Israel).I don't know from where shall i have to start,first,peace is the target for people who want to live,we wanted peace beause we wanted to live and not because we were in love with Israel.second,if that guy is compassionate with his fellows in Palestine why don't he just go and fight instead of living in Belgium and insulting others and defining good and bad according to him?third:For me,it's a disgrace to be mentioned as an (Arab) as Egyptians are not Arabs,Egyptians think that being Muslims makes them Arabs way or another and that all Muslims are brothers and all the crap.

What i want to clarify here is:Most Arabs think like that guy about Egyptians ,even those in Palestine that Egyptians feel sorry for.A survey had been conducted few months ago and showed that Egyptians consider Saudi Arabia a (friend) ,Israel and America as (enemies),i want to know .Are Egyptians so naïve or just so stupid?Every Egyptian knows the Saudis hate them like shit,No Egyptian is allowed to have his own work in Saudi Arabia,No Egyptian is allowed to get to a Saudi University and Egyptian there are like second class citizen which doesn't happen in America or even Israel!!I just want to know how do you people think?On what basis do you judge whom to love ?and let me ask you again,are you just so naïve or so goddamn stupid?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

reasons that egyptians consider saudi arabia as friends
1- sayedah HAJAR mother of sayedna ismail,wife of father of prophets had stayed & raised her child in alhijaz land.
2-king Faissal stopped oil during the 1973 october egypt vs israel war , where Egyptian army granted VICTORY
3-most of big compnaies in Saudi arabia r owned or co-joined by Egyptians e.g magharabi hospitals,fatehi& many others don't forget alwahesh who wanted to buy omar afandi.
4-many egyptians studied in private & govt. schools colleges that i know many.
5-lots of engineers doctors businessmen are granted dual citzenship both saudi & egypt
6-saudi arabia first investment destination is EGYPT e.g city plaza grand hayat movinpick four season hotels are saudi investors
7-gov saudi gov members most graduated from egyptian colleges
8- AL saud had special relations with egypt since king farouk till prisedent mobark.
9-saudi arabia is heart of arabian ASIA , egypt is the heart of arabian AFRICA ... so i think that egypt & saudi arabia are like the 2 lungs of ARABS & MUSLIM WORLD
THANKS may i have helped you to change your mind or open your eyes to facts of life ... VIVA EGYPT VIVA SAUDIA....1 more thing we adore egyptians b'coz prophet MOHAMMAD said so in hadeeth shareef. ciao

11:24 AM  
Blogger Pharaoh said...

You may have noticed that i don't care about religions,so all these religious backgrouds are nonsense,the examples you have mentioned are called mutual investment or business,but no non Saudi can own a simple shop for example unless he has a Saudi sponsor.No Egyptian can get into Governmental Saudi university and all Egyptians come back home for that reason,i am not talking about dual citizinship here,if you have a citizinship then you are officialy one of the country people and this is something world wide,I am not talking either about Saudi Egyptian relationship and who invest where and who graduated where.And if you forgot about Egypt for a while you will find that pakistanis and Indians who happened to be MUSLIMS are treated even worse.and by the way it's not me who are saying this it's the most of the thosands of Egyptians who work there.yes it gave them money but their humanity in return,do you know that some Egyptuan doctors are paid less than Sadis nurses,which doesn't happen anywhere in the world???
Hearts and lungs?hearts and lungs for what?for the sick Arab world? what did that heart and lungs ever do to the world?of course if you mean atherosclerotic heart and infracted lungs,then i can't agree with you more!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Egypeter said...

I totally agree with you fadfada!

It is a well known fact that Egyptians aren't Arab, never were Arab and never will be Arab.

Egyptians are Egyptian which basically means Coptic. If Egyptians should be classified into anything it should be Coptic Christians and Coptic Muslims. Period.

Happy New Year to you and best wishes.

9:21 PM  
Blogger sara said...

Ops!! You miss somthing Pharaoh .. Egyptians enemies is Denmark as a first class !!! then Israel then America ,,, loool

7:16 AM  
Blogger فانتوماس said...

We Egyptians are very nice people, we love our enemies and all people who treat us like shit, we hate US and Israel as they represent the devil himself for us. How can people act blindly like this, most of the Egyptians adore the Saudies because of what I don't now, they despise us, treat us badly and consider us below their standards. Other arabs also have the same feelings, I believe if we focused on developping our country and forget about the palestine\Iraq\Arab\Afghanistan things we shall be far ahead from all these coutries. Correct me if I'm wrong.

1:14 AM  
Blogger محمد said...

Deer Pharaoh
I really appreciate ur comment in my blog
I think u r one of the most
open minded I have ever read 2

let me plz comment here
I think Arabian person
is the one who can speak Arabic language
what ever is his race or his origin
for example Coptic & Nobaian who
can speak Arabic r Arabian

My mother from Kurdish origin
but this was hundreds of years ago
now she cant say a single word in Kurdish language
but my mother is Arabian what ever what was her origin

but 2 be honest with u, I don't believe in Arabic word
& I'm not a Muslim 2 believe in Islamic word
i only believe in freedom word
where all people are equal
doesn't matter if they are Arab ,African or Asian
all humans are brothers and sisters

Also i think it is argent to preserve the original
threatened cultures like Noba culture and language
it is not fair for there language to be disappeared because
they are a minority in the Egypt & Sudan community
same thing 4 Coptic culture
I'd like 2 tell u
in Jordan there r Coptic churches where there is
no original Coptic Jordanian
i visited this church ones it is nice from inside
& it is with a perfect location in front of the biggest Islamic mosque in Amman

i know u r not interesting in religions, me 2
but my point is am afraid about Egypt
it is not logical what is written in chat rooms between Muslims and Christian in Egypt
i am afraid of civil war there, no body can forget what happens in Alexandria, it was a disaster
u r Egyptian plz try to heal the wounds
it is time 2 be united under freedom flag
and forget all the bloody history

3:57 PM  
Blogger محمد said...

Mr. Pharaoh
I'm 100% agree with u about Saudi Arabia
it's government is one of the most dictatorial
governments in the middle east
people there still live in dark ages
I don't know is it acceptable 2 loose ur human respect and live in second or third social class 2 have a bigger salary??!!!
it is unbelievable how they deal with Indian Bangladesh, Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian & any foreigner there
we must consider Saudi government as the biggest jailer in the world
in my opinion Saudi government
is our enemy which try 2 occupy our countries by salafi shaikh
which they get educated there & have endless money.
unfortunately they are spreading every where between Jordanian youth

on the other hand we can't consider Israeli's government as enemy as Saudis at least inside Israel there is democracy more than any other country in the middle east

although they r occupying my country Palestine
& I'm a refuge
but I believe in peace
humans must live together, killing and occupation must end
as a refuge I don't want Israel 2 disappear like what 7amas said
No we can live with Israeli's in peace, refugees can go back 2 there home and live in neighborhood relation with Jews
but first of all we need 2 accept each other as humans not as pigs & monkeys
(sorry i know I'm talkative)

3:59 PM  
Blogger محمد said...

Mr. فانتوماس
let me plz disagree with ur point of view
i think every body in the middle east looking for Egyptian leadership
it is not that easy 2 forget Palestine\Iraq\Arab
Egypt is not an isolated island
we need Egypt 2 be a leader again
but leader in democracy not leader in dictatorial
no body can forget what Egypt done when it ends the Jordanian civil war in 1970
and nowadays we cant ignore what Egypt do 2 stop the cavil war in Gaza

one day in the past Egypt was the most liberal country in the middle east every one wants to be Egyptian
women at that time was take off 7ejab
because brave Egyptian women was the first 2 talk off 7ejab
now women put on 7ejab because Amer Khaled told them a nice speech & make 7ejab as a modern fashion
so as u can see Egyptian can be leaders 2 both direction to freedom or to hell

in Jordan we r shocked because of what we have seen on the net about how Egyptian police torture innocent people
of course u need 2 do something 2 return Egypt 2 is democratic modern life
(I'm not saying in any way that Jordanian government is an angel it is far away from democracy either)
my last world is
Arabs do love Egypt

3:59 PM  

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